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Sexiest fall 2011 hairstyles for women

Posted by mandyf on September 26, 2011

With the change in season comes the change in hairstyles, and the sexiest 2010 fall hairstyles do not disappoint. For the fall of 2010, there are 4 super hot sexy hairstyles to fit any woman and any mood she is in. This years 4 hottest hairstyles for the fall are a mix of something old and something – sometimes all rolled up into one.

The big bang look is a flashback to the 60’s when big bangs ruled the day. The key is getting blunt bangs, and they should rest directly above the eye to help provide a bit of a mysterious untouchable look. When you go to your hairstylist, ask for a long layered cut with straight across thick bangs. They will know what you are going for. This look is best worn straight, but some gentle waves near the end can add a little something different now and then.

Rocker chic never goes out style, and 2010 is no exception. This has been a hot look all year and is continuing to hold its popularity. You may have also heard it called the “new shag.” Think of Meg Ryan’s hairstyle in the 90’s and make it a little longer with more of sexier and edgier look. The key to the cut is long angled bangs with choppiness from the ears to the chin. It is sexy and playful, but you’ll still be taken serious when you wear it. Best of all is that this is a fairly low maintenance cut.

Glam girl waves are big and will likely continue to stay that way so long as Kim Kardashian remains popular. Sally Hershberger recommends that you ask your stylist for a long layered haircut that starts at the chin and blends toward the back. That will ensure that your waves stay light and maintain their shape all day.

Punk cuts never go out of style because they are fun, flirty, and easy to keep up. When you get this cut, ask your hairstylist for jagged edgy definition around the ears, but the top long enough so that it reaches the earlobes. This will allow the most variations in styling your hair to fit your mood from day to day. Don’t let the punk moniker fool you – this is a style that is ultra femme and smoking hot.

Whichever style you settle on you can rest assured that you will be firmly in fashion for the fall of 2010, and likely until the spring of 2011. These are all styles that ebb and flow in the trends but never really go away, so you are safe keeping them so long as you are enjoying.


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