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Where to find Lady Gaga fashions online

Posted by mandyf on September 22, 2011

Getting Lady Gaga styled clothes online is not very difficult if you know where to look. Getting them for less money than she spends on her outfits is however a challenge when you consider the handbag she regularly carries costs $1,400 on its own. before that figure puts you into a state of brain lock wondering how you can possibly afford to dress like Lady G relax – there is a way so long as you avoid buying the same name brand designers she uses. Clothing knock-offs are thankfully an option that we will examine her so you can hit the town looking like Lady Gaga for a fraction of what she spends.

The one accessory to the Lady Gaga wardrobe most people have finding is the hair bow. There are several sites that sell them, some for as low as $20, but to be honest you want to steer away from the ones offered for absurdly cheap prices because the quality of them provides a very short life span. There is however one online outlet that offers the “Le Gaga Bow” that will last for quite awhile and looks exactly like those worn by Lady Gaga. On the low end you can get a good hair bow from them for $26.50 (small) to about $80 on the high end for the largest size available.

Lady Gaga trends toward wearing Ray Ban sunglasses most of the time which for some folks is more than they really want to spend. Shop Suey Boutique offers a line of shades they call the “Molly” which looks almost exactly the same aside from bearing the Ray Ban name for only $12. If you choose to go the granny glasses route try Shop For Sparkles where they offer a durable yet very stylish line that is only $17. Either way it is far less expensive than dropping $80 or more for the genuine article.

Lady Gaga has also had a long running affair with Yves St. Laurent (YSL) bags, but who can really afford spending upwards of $1,000 for one! For everyone else there is Glamorousity where you can grab a knock off bag that isn’t an exact match but close enough that it doesn’t matter considering that they cost under $40. For that kind of savings you just have to accept a few small differences in the deign that are hardly noticeable.  Another option is ebags.com where a similar style can be purchased for around $40. Neither is better or worse than the other, it will just depend on which strikes your eye the most.

The silver beaded necklace is one of those things that you usually have to accept paying more for usually. Thankfully many people have something at home already that is pretty close to what Lady G wears already. For those who don’t however Bloomingdale’s offers something that is very close to the style she wears for around $85. If you’re going to spend a fair amount of money, a silver necklace is the item to splurge on. If you watch the sales sometimes you can get a fantastic deal to make the purchase go down even easier.

One thing you can definitely save money on is the shoes. Lady Gaga wears pink Stella McCartney heels like there is no tomorrow, and you can have similar pair for a few hundred dollars less. In all honesty no one will know the difference unless they look at the bottom of your shoe. For $42 you can get a pair of Rock Candy heels in pink or black if you choose and save a ton of money.

When it comes to the dress, Lady Gaga drops serious coin on designer labels that are higher than most people pay for their mortgage for a couple of months. By shopping around a little bit you can replicate her look fairly easily and for less than you would ever think. American Apparel offers a nylon-elastene tank that only goes for about $40 and looks more than close enough to the designer models for anyone to notice. Instead of going with a real leather belt, buy a faux leather belt that will only run around $12. Clubwear has plenty in stock to choose  from at terrific prices. Just in case you need a little boost in the bust Fredrick’s of Hollywood has you covered with their “ Cleavage Camisole” that can usually be picked up for about $30. if that is more than you want to spend Ami Clubwear sometimes has something similar for a little less.

The final piece of the puzzle s the gloves. Lady G drops over a c-note on hers, but you can grab a pair for well over half off at Revolve Clothing. They offer the Caroline Amato Driving glove which does have the essential bow for about $45. The nice thing is these look good, are well made, and they are practical for more than just going out. These are some sick looking gloves that are sure to draw attention and get a fw people asking where you got them every time you go out.

There are plenty of other places to shop around at, but these offer the closest match to things Lady Gaga wears at prices regular people that have bills can actually afford. Be sure to pay attention to the sizing guides and shipping prices. If you shop smart you can get this look for about $350 which sounds high but isn’t so bad when you consider how many things you are getting and how many different outfits you can mix and match these items with.


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