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How to get a Lady Gaga style manincure

Posted by mandyf on September 22, 2011

Learning how to do your nails like Lady Gaga may seen really hard at first given the designs she is known for, but the reality is that copying a Lady Gaga manicure is pretty easy. Day to day, Lady Gaga generally goes with a basic black or white nail polish which is both easy to copy, but it’s also boring. What you are going to learn here is how to copy the manicure styles Lady Gaga is best known for, primarily the nails she sported in the “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance” videos.

The Poker Face style manicure is easier in many regards – and more practical then the Bad Romance manicure, but you’ll learn how to re-create both styles as well as a few Lady G favorites. Before diving in, you can get the Lady G look using your real nails, but it is far easier to replicate these using acrylic nails. There is a lot of detail work, that while it isn’t terribly difficult, it is a lot easier having two hands for. Also, these instructions are given for someone that is doing their own manicure. The instructions can still be followed doing someone else’s nails, but for the solo artist this is the way to go. These instructions also assume you will be using acrylic nails.

The Poker Face manicure looks great and is very easy to copy so long as you’re patient. Start by making sure each acrylic nail is shaped to fit properly. Once you get started you are not going to want to fuss with the fit. Second, you will need a jet black nail polish, OPI is the best to go with even if it costs more, and a red nail polish -candy apple or fire engine red should do nicely. You’re going to need rhinestones or a similar stone that are clear. Adhesive is also necessary as is a pair of tweezers and a clear coat polish.

To start, you will want to paint each nail with the Black OPI polish. Two coats are better but you can get away with one. Once the polish is completely dried, you will begin working with the red polish. On the nail that will go on the ring finger of each hand, you will want to draw in a red heart. You can use stencil you make yourself or freehand the design in depending on how steady your hands are. To finish the nail off you want to ring the heart with clear rhinestones so they are tight enough to touch each other.

Now you can put away the red polish as you are done with it and move on to the other nails. You have two options when finishing off the remaining nails – exactly copy the manicure in the video or go with a Lady G “inspired” look. In the video, Lady Gaga’s nails, aside from the ring finger nail, actually are just a collection of clear rhinestones randomly worked up from the cuticle in varying arrays on each nail and then copied to the corresponding nail for the other hand. For an inspired look, you can recreate each suit of a deck of cards (Clubs, spades, and diamonds) to round out the fingers and go with a lucky horseshoe for the thumb. The lady G inspired look has actually become more popular than the video manicure.

Once all the stones for whichever style you opt to go with have been secured you will want to go over the entire nail excluding the rhinestones to help create a gloss. The extra clear coat abutting the stones will act as a little extra security holding them in place, but not much. Also be very careful to go light around the stones so as no to create a jagged or clumpy look. Affix the acrylic nails to your own and you’re done! It really is that simple. How good they look depends on your skill alone.

For the Bad Romance manicure the first thing to consider is if it is practical for you. It looks great and is super unique, but if you actually use your hands to work or touch people in any way they may not be a good idea aside from a specific night out or some special event. To get started you need to do some shopping. The specific nail polish you need is China Glaze Liquid Leather Lacquer. To get the gold screens you’ll need to pay a visit to Jo-Ann Fabric or some sort of crafts store. You’ll also need shears that can cut metal cleanly because the last thing you want is jagged edges and burrs hanging off your fingers. You need an adhesive – the type used for acrylic nails will do just fine, and you’ll also do well to get a fine grit sandpaper.

Be advised, if you are the type of person that is regularly rubbing your eyes, this manicure is not a good idea.

Start the process by cutting the gold wire. Each piece should be wide enough to not only cover the nail, but to slightly overhang them. While in the video the mesh wire is very jagged and somewhat sloppy looking, in real life you do not want that. You will want to trim down as much of the wire as possible so it flush to each junction point. It is a good idea to even use a fine sandpaper to smooth any rough spots or burrs. Once you have worked the metal mesh wire into pieces that are as safe as can be you are ready to work on the nail itself.

Apply the China Glaze polish and then follow that up with a clear coat. Once the clear coat has dried, glue the mesh wire onto the nail. When gluing the mesh on, the first thing to make sure of is that you get it secured firmly. The trick is to do that without bending the mesh to conform to the shape of your nail. A good way to pull this off is to start applying pressure to the are in the dead center of the nail and then work the top and bottom region. If you need to make it more secure, remember that you are working with mesh and you can drop a bit of glue between the holes and apply more pressure. Repeat for each nail and you’re done as simple as that.

The second Bad Romance manicure is even easier and a style Lady Gaga sports on a regular basis. It is nothing more than a neatly trimmed nail with OPI Alpine Snow Matte polish. This is a style Lady G often wears day to day. The other variation she regularly is spotted wearing is the same neatly trimmed nail with an OPI Black Matte polish. While these are just a few tips and styles to get you on your way to a Lady Gaga style manicure, with each video there is always something new to watch out for. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to copy the exact patterns Lady Gaga uses to have a similar style, you can use your own creativity with her as an inspiration.


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