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Fashion trends associated to Lady Gaga

Posted by mandyf on September 22, 2011

Lady Gaga has a style that is truly unique and is inspiring new fashion trends at nearly breakneck speed. This is plainly evidenced by her being named the “Style Icon of 2009.”  As her popularity as a performer grows, so too does the amount of people looking to copy the fashions she inspires. Some of the fashion trends she has inspired are pretty out there like her reindeer hat, but others are far more reasonable and accessible for people that would like to mimic her but still be just a tad bit more reserved.

The best way to describe Lady Gaga’s fashion is perhaps as futuristic gender bending. It is definitely not going to look good on everyone, but for those fortunate enough to have the body type and confidence to pull her look off it is all the rage. With that in mind, here are some of the top fashion trends inspired by Lady Gaga.

The biggest fashion trend Lady Gaga has inspired so far as clothing goes is the nude look. The nude look is not about walking around naked, but rather dressing in a manner that is sheer and form fitting. Lady Gaga will show plenty of skin however. As not everyone has a body that looks good in form fitting outfits, cinchers can be your best friend if you go for this look. The key to making it all work is too choose very light colored hues (Not everyone can get away with a truly sheer fabric) and think high on thigh and sleeveless.

Lady Gaga is bringing back shoulder pads. Whether it be a dress or a suit she is styling, shoulder pads are often a staple item. On stage she will often sport outfits that have overly exaggerated shoulder pads that change the look of her proportions by extending horizontally. In her everyday look Lady Gaga will often go with a subtler shoulder pad.

While Lady Gaga is most often associated with looks that are decidedly feminine, she also dabbles with some gender bending trends as well. It is not at all unusual to see Lady Gaga appearing offstage sporting outfits that are inspired by both feminine and masculine attire. This generally includes pants which are cut to flatter the female figure topped off with just a bra rather than a corset. As she would cause a riot just wearing a bra out, she will then often top it with a slightly amended mens suit jacket. The subtle changes made to the jacket are generally moving the buttons a little lower to allow for a better display of cleavage, thinning down the lapels, and adding in the now trademark shoulder pads. At times she may go with a thin pair of suspenders as well.

Sunglasses are an essential part of the Lady gaga look. Rarely will she be seen wearing a pair that would be considered ordinary. Her shades look like slightly updated 80’s castoffs. She will often go with over-sized shades that sport severe angles and bold colors. Within a matter of months Lady Gaga styled sunglasses that had sold for nearly twenty years were suddenly essential items. Embellishments will sometimes be present, but the vast majority of the time the wild designs get enough attention on their own. Lady Gaga will sometimes go a bit more low key opting for newer styles like those offered by Carrera, but the key to the Lady Gaga look is that shades are a must.

Perhaps the biggest thing Lady Gaga is known for is her hair which is in a constant state of flux. She has everything from a sort of short and out of control frizzy bob to long pin straight hair that goes on forever. The hair bow – not a clip on fabric bow – but an actual bow adorning her head made out of hair is perhaps the single biggest trend she launched. While not everyone has enough hair to actually pull it off – Lady G included – it has actually launched a bit of a cottage industry producing them for people that want the look without having to wait years to naturally grow their hair to get it. As always, the hair has to be blond to be truly Gaga.

One last style trend of the many associated to Lady Gaga is the incorporation of every genre of clothing mixing with one another. Being experimental is a huge key to the Lady G look. This entails mixing pieces of wardrobe items that may be worn to the opera with those more suited to the corporate boardroom, with anything from liquid leggings to origami accents at the waist or worn off the shoulder. The combinations can be further mixed by pulling from clothing items associated to women and men, but spinning them a bit to add in splashes of bold color and as always super sexy shoes.

The Lady Gaga look is not going to work for everyone and there are in all honesty not a lot of people bold enough to try to pull it off. Whether you like her look or not, there is no denying she has brought her theatrical stage show look at least in part to main street and in small ways is actually influencing the way designers are tailoring their upcoming lines aimed at the younger demographics. Also, whether many realize it or not, it is most likely that they are copying some of the trends of Lady G without even realizing it.


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