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Lilburn GA Family Dollar knowingly sells tainted M&M’s – And they don’t know why!

Posted by mandyf on September 20, 2011

Who is to blame for tainted foodstuffs reaching the public? Apparently there is plenty of blame to share when something goes wrong and tainted food, candy or beverages hit the shelves. Today however, there is a specific shout out to the Family Dollar in Lilburn GA for continuing to sell candy that customers had been returning to the store because they were tainted. Here’s the story.

It was time for the semi-regular run to the Family Dollar for a few of the items worth buying there like TP and small office odds and ends. As anyone that has ever gone shopping with small children knows, if they see candy they usually want candy – and Family Dollar is loaded with the crap. To keep the peace, two small bags of regular M&M’s were purchased because you cannot do for one child without doing for the other. Upon arriving home, the eldest child we’ll call “C” showed us his M&M’s wanting to know what the weird white stuff all over the candies was.

We assumed it was nothing, and it likely is nothing, but you have to check it out anyway. There are sickos out there who have messed with consumables on store shelves in the past. There was a thick, gooey, type of gel-like substance on almost all of the M&M’s in his bag. Could it be wax? Possibly….but it’s hard to tell and didn’t feel exactly like wax. Was it sugar? Absolutely not! What the hell is it? Who knows?

Whatever is on them is likely not harmful, if it was there would be dead kids all over the news because they ate these things. What is a big, huge aggravator is the Family Dollar store that we purchased them from. Being responsible people, we called to let them know that two bags of M&M’s we purchased, as we then saw both bags had this coating of whatever it was all over the candies, were tainted with something. The response was a bit shocking.

The person at the Family Dollar store we spoke to at the exact Lilburn location we purchased them at said that they were aware the M&M’s had something wrong with them. Someone else had returned some earlier, even physically showing them what was wrong with the candy. They had no idea what was coating the candy either, but rather than pull the product – just to be safe and responsible – they kept selling it anyway. We all know that Family Dollar will go under if they don’t keep selling sugar coated crap for a day- the profit margin would just tank, right?

So the woman at the Family Dollar goes and gets a couple bags of the candy while we‘re on the phone with her – and she opens them up, and what do you know? They are covered in the same unidentified white crap as the bags we purchased and the other customer returned earlier. But wait – it gets better! They keep selling them! Short of an actual recall or someone going online and raising holy hell, they won’t do a damn thing – they’ll keep selling them because M&M’s must obviously be the cornerstone of their franchise at Family Dollar.

Mars let a batch of candy get through their QC process – it happens. No system is perfect. I wish it was, but it got past them.  If they caught the error, I’d sure as hell like to think they wouldn’t ship the batches that were messed up. The Family Dollar in Lilburn however KNEW they had a bad batch due to customer complaints and they kept selling it. They’re still selling it. No one in a position of authority at Family Dollar can seem to provide any answers as to why it is okay to keep knowingly selling candy with an unidentified substance on it. Pass this around – if there is a bad batch in one place, the odds are that there are more. No, no one is likely to die from the substance coating the M&M’s, but it is a very slim possibility if it contains an allergen causing someone to react. It is possible if it’s something they are not thinking to look out for on their M&M’s.

Family Dollar – Butch up and take the loss – Pull the damn M&M’s from your shelf in the Lilburn location at the very least! You owe it to your customers and your corporate image – if it’s still worth anything. And yes, it has been properly reported as much as a regular citizen can do. It will take pressure from the people to get anything done. IF Mars Chocolate actually answered phones, email, tweets, or any form of contact after 5pm eastern time, maybe they could have ended the issue – sucks for them however that they don’t!


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