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Stupid things offered for sale on eBay – Anyone wanna buy a booger?

Posted by mandyf on September 13, 2011

The premise of eBay is to put buyers and sellers together to facilitate a mutually beneficial exchange – and make eBay a few bucks in the process as well of course. Sometimes however you look at a listing and wonder “How stupid is that?” It is a known fact that eBay is full of stupid things for sale. In fact some of the stupid things for sale on eBay are so over the top stupid that you would only hope and pray a person would only buy them as a gag. You would hope that whoever offered those stupid items for sale on eBay did so only to see if anyone would actually buy them, not because they believed it was something people really wanted. Unfortunately, in some cases people do take these stupid items seriously and make themselves prime candidates for a Darwin Award.

With that said, some of the stupidest things ever sold on eBay are offered here for your amusement. Keep in mind these were real items offered up either through auction or the buy it now feature over the past several years – many in the early eBay days when things were a bit looser.

How much would you pay for this?

* An almost empty roll of toilet paper was offered up for auction. Scarily, it sold for .87. Why it sold is a mystery and the buyer remains anonymous. What is perhaps scarier is the seller then offered another slightly less used roll of TP for sale in another auction. Oddly enough, that sold as well.

* A Google email account was offered for sale – not an existing account mind you, just an invite to join Google Mail. Many thanks to Chelle at Best Of Stupid for retrieving this actual post for the Gmail invite. The ad typos are left intact for maximum fun.

“Send it to a frind or for yourself…You can get a Google Mail account if you are invited by someone who already has one What is Google I give Postive feed back to fast byers and slow lol……”

* It is no mystery why a “100% empty Taco Bell hot sauce packet” did not sell for $61. Never mind you can go into nearly any Taco Bell in the world, buy one Taco for under $1 in almost all locations, and just load up on as many Taco Bell hot sauce packets as you want. It is as insane as the empty tin of shoe polish – vintage 2004 – and the ¾ empty 20 ounce bottle of flat Coca-Cola that came with an opening bid of $9.99.

* A collection of 6 mutilated Barbie Dolls was offered for an opening bid of $29.95. None came with clothes, heads, and some were missing limbs. It was noted a few sustained “minor burns with light charring”, and another had several “divots.” How they got there or what exactly those divots are is a mystery, but it is a safe bet that this did not end up as a great Christmas gift as the ad suggested.

Booger free version of the tissue offered for sale

* An all-time sick item is a used tissue that was vacuum sealed which supposedly bore a mucus image that looked like Colonel Sanders. It was offered as a “one-of-a-kind’ item that would never be duplicated again for the low opening bid of $999. The tissue never sold as eBay pulled the item – or so the story goes – because it was a potential biohazard.

* A favorite that did actually sell for the low price of $6.14 is a yellow Post-It note that simply said “I love you.” You could of course buy a big pack for that price and make hundreds of them, but maybe an anonymous profession of love from a stranger is what some people are into.

In the future, these may be scarce! Buy in bulk now!!!!!

* In 2008 a brown paper bag found next to a tree in a park was offered for sale because according to the seller…in the future we may no longer have brown paper bags…. Of course we may not have many things in the future, but it hardly seems like a great selling point when brown paper bags are still pretty plentiful and come standard with many types of purchases.

Like any other venue on the web, or off the web for that fact, if people think they can turn a buck they will try it most of the time no matter how idiotic it may seem. In a year, or even a day, there may be hundreds of stupid items offered on eBay for sale that make these seem rational. They are fun to goof on, but please save your money and think twice before placing that $20 bid on a box of used Q-Tips.


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