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The most common lies women tell men – Which ones have you heard lately?

Posted by mandyf on September 7, 2011

The most common lies women tell to men should be of little surprise to anyone, they are nearly universal in that some time or another almost every woman has used one of these gems. Some women are so good at telling them though that their men get confused and actually believe them. Men, if you find your lady telling you one of the following lines in response to something you did or did not do red flags and whistles ought to be going off in your head. There is a slim chance when she uses one of the following lines she truly means it, but for the most part, there are just what you think they are, lies. Don’t let your own ego cloud your judgment, take the advice of someone who knows how to spot the common lies women tell to men.

Keep in mind that sometimes a woman will lie to her man because she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Sometimes it is because she just doesn’t feel like having an argument, but don’t think that is going to make her forget it. Sometimes a woman lies for no simpler a reason than she can and it helps her get her way. Don’t be surprised guys, many of you do that as well, just about different things.

Common lie number one: “I don’t care if you go to strip clubs with your friends.”

Photo by Rick Hall

She does care, she cares a lot. She doesn’t want to think of you ogling women aside from her. She is disgusted to think you need to see another woman to get a little thrill. She hates that you are blowing who knows how much money on women you’ve likely never met before instead of her. Don’t think she’s all that thrilled about seeing you come home with glitter on the bridge of your nose and the smell of cheap perfume and sweat on your shirt. Once in awhile she will let you get away with this like for a bachelor party for instance, or if you take her with you. If this is part of your regular agenda, she hates it but by grace of god or whoever she’s putting it up with it. For now.

Common lie number two: “I’m not ready to get involved with anyone right now.”

If she is single she is ready, don’t believe otherwise. This is a partially true statement in that she isn’t ready to get involved right now, but it is YOU she isn’t ready to get involved with. She would rather let you down light and make it a general statement than destroy you. If you think it isn’t true, ask yourself how many women that “weren’t ready for anybody” are certainly ready for someone besides you in a matter of days? It is a little gentler than hearing the words “Dude, I’m not feeling it for you now or ever so take a hike.”

Common lie number three: “I’m not mad at you.”

Don’t buy this one for a second. The simple fact she is making a point of telling you she isn’t mad at you just further demonstrates that you really ticked her off. If you think she isn’t mad that you forgot your dinner plans, or worse than that her birthday or called her by your exes name you are in a fantasy world. She is ripped, she is biding her time with this nifty little defensive maneuver, and she will use it against you when you least expect it. If you did something to get this response you better be thinking of a grand gesture of atonement, especially if it is a second offense.

What's in your wallet? Common lie number four: “I don’t mind paying tonight.”

This has to be pre-qualified a bit. If you regularly pick up the tab and leave it to her to do so without prior arrangement, she is ripped. She was not planning on paying for the evening, and yes she does mind. It isn’t so much she has to pay, it is that you sprung it on her. Some women will be put off anytime you ask them pay even if they say they aren’t. If you run into one of those women drop them like it’s hot.

Common lie number five: “Size doesn’t matter, it’s all how you use it.”

Seriously? Really? Size matters a lot!

If you hear this it is pretty evident that size does matter to her and she is letting you know that your carnal future together is not happening. Most women won’t openly admit size matters, in front of men at least, but who are we kidding? Given their druthers, the bigger the better, at least to give it a whirl. Society is geared towards rewarding everything on the grand scale and when it comes to the male endowment department the vast majority of women are into that frame of mind.

Common lie number six: “You were just great! That’s the best I’ve ever had!”

This is almost not even worth discussing. If it was that great and the best she ever had she would be jelly. She wouldn’t be talking, especially not to reassure you of how great it was. When everything is hitting on all cylinders words aren’t needed, and if they are spoken, it is not this kind of generic mess. This is usually accompanied by the requisite during intercourse statements like “Oh yes take me you pagan love beast.” C’mon guys, use your common sense, if she has to tell you it was good and you’re all that, it wasn’t and for her at least you’re not.

There are plenty of lies women tell men for various reasons. Some are protecting your feelings or a defensive mechanism for them. Others are just to avoid conflict or get through something as painlessly as possible. You’ll never figure out the meaning behind everything a woman says or spot all of the lies she may tell, but if you can key in the most common ones you are way ahead of the competition.




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