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Famous celebrity hypocrites past and present – You’re famous! You can’t be full of crap!

Posted by mandyf on September 7, 2011

For one reason or another, famous people love telling all of us regular folks how to live our lives. They seem to get some odd satisfaction out of telling people what to wear, who to vote for (or to vote at all), how to save the planet, what to eat, love they neighbor, and pretty much anything they can think of. Some are very genuine and live by the advice they dole out, and for that you do have to at least give them credit for walking what they talk. Others are at times just arrogant jerks for telling everyone to do what they them self refuse to. It is the same mentality seen on the AMC show “Breaking Bad” where Walt rationalizes cooking pounds of meth by saying “It’s not like I deal drugs – I just cook them.”

Roger Casas-Alatriste

You mean, people, like, register to vote and stuff? Shut up bitch!

With that in mind – agree or disagree – as painful as it may be for fans of some of these people, here are the top celebrity hypocrites around recent past and present – and the reasons why they are hypocrites. It doesn’t mean they are bad people, just that they do not necessarily practice what they preach, or only selectively practice the portions they find convenient or to their own personal liking.

Paris Hilton famously lent her voice and name to the “Rock the Vote” campaign. She cited how important it was for young people to get out and vote and make their voice heard so they could play a role in changing the world. Hilton herself however did not vote. She didn’t even register to vote, or as she stated in a later interview know where to go to register to vote.

Al Gore who is “Mr. Global Warming” is also “Mr. Huge Carbon Footprint.” Gore’s house alone consumes more energy in one month than the average American family does in one year. Add to that, that Gore makes liberal use of a private jet to get to engagements, and his fuel consumption on that alone annually is beyond what  the average person will consume over a lifetime of air travel. Gore does purchase carbon offsets he claims make him carbon neutral, but what he doesn’t say is he is purchasing those offsets from his own company, so in effect he’s doing nothing but changing which bank account his money is in.

When Al Gore isn't telling you how to live your life, he's off hunting Manbear Pig

John Travolta is outspoken regarding the need to use alternative fuels, yet in his private life he owns several jets including a Boeing 707 that can transport 150 passengers. That is all well and good, except that he likes the 707 so much he will fly it even if it is just to get himself from point A to point B rather than a smaller jet that would use far less fuel. Plus, doesn’t he seem gay? Granted he has the whole marriage thing and all that, but doesn’t your gaydar just rage like a five alarm fire when you see him? Just saying…

Robert Atkins of the Atkins Diet fame convinced millions that carbs are evil and that by cutting them out of their diet and hitting those proteins, low weight and great health could be achieved. He’s a hypocrite because following his own diet and loading up on those high protein steaks clogged his arteries leading to the heart attack that dropped him like a bag of dirt. And to think – people are still following his advice and he’s been dead since 2003.

Photo by Prognosic

Mockumentary Filmmaker Michael Moore may be one of the biggest celebrity hypocrites on the planet. He espouses the virtues of the average Joe and how awful the United States is and that nobody has a chance to succeed. He even has the gall to call himself a documentary filmmaker when he has clearly been exposed manipulating what he portrays in his films. Moore is a hypocrite because he is anything  but average. He grew up in Davison, a nice middle class town – not Flint, Michigan as he claims, is a rich white male living in the exclusive portion of east Manhattan, and has made millions upon millions of dollars he uses to lead as privileged a lifestyle as possible via the corporations he says are evil in a country he says no one can succeed in. If what he says was true – how did he get so successful and rich? Is it just impossible for everyone but him?

Mohandas Gandhi was a man who did do many wonderful things, but ultimately he was just a man and had the same flaws as any human. One of those flaws was hypocrisy. When his wife Kasturba was dying of pneumonia he refused anyone providing her with medical treatment even when it would take nothing more than penicillin to save her life. he said the gods would save her. She didn’t get the antibiotic and soon died. When Gandhi himself was dying however, the gods be damned, he demanded every bit of medical treatment available. He also tended to be very intolerant of blacks in Africa calling them “Kaffir” which is the equivalent of the “N word” in English and often likened them to animals. For a man of tolerance, that is pretty intolerant. As odd as it seems, he was a racist.  How the hell does he get a pass on that and no one else does?

Sting and his wife Trudie Styler tell everyone how awful global warming is and how they are “eco-warriors” yet they don’t really fit the bill. Styler admits to having had her chef drive 100 miles at times to prepare a bowl of pasta for her. Maybe she hasn’t mastered the boiling water thing yet. Sting’s band the Police was cited as the “dirtiest in the world” in 2008, and the couples carbon footprint is 30x that of the average Briton. Trudie also uses a private jet to fly between their homes and keeps a fleet of cars at each just in case she needs to get around. There is nothing wrong with that really, but a private jet to fly one person less than 200 miles at times seems a little eco-unfriendly.  The nice thing is they at least use the exact words “we’re hypocrites” when it comes to practicing what they preach regarding environmentalism. Would she say…I dunno…maybe… THIS?????

PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals) are so far beyond hypocritical that they should just give up and go home because they cannot be taken seriously anymore. After long time animal rights activist Eliza Dushku admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live that she bow hunts with her boyfriend and she does eat meat, she only eats meat that comes from what she kills. She makes sure that the whole animal is used. It is hard to fault a person for that – it isn’t sport hunting. PETA gave her the equivalent of a ring laden pimp slap and immediately distanced them self from her as an evil murdering poser and enemy of the movement.

Jenna Jameson who fishes with her boyfriend, has an addiction to raw oysters, and wears and poses in leather and fur is a PETA darling however. They both eat things on PETA’s no-no list, and they both hunt – fishing is a form of hunting after all, but Jameson lends her naked body and name to PETA for promotional posters so her transgressions are forgiven. For that, PETA is a hypocritical organization.

Photo from carespeakerstour.com

6 divorces and she's going to tell you how to hold your marriage together? Bitch please!

Relationship expert Barbara DeAngelis has been telling people for years not only how to save their marriages, but how important it is to respect the sanctity of marriage and how they need to take their vows seriously and follow through on all that for better or worse stuff. Those are good points, but they lose their oomph coming from someone that has been divorced 6 times.

There is nothing presented here that means these are bad people or that they have not contributed anything positive to the world. It just means that they are flawed like everyone else and is merely something to make you think twice before you take anything a person says at full face value just because they are famous. Everyone is hypocritical in some regard, but for the famous – fair or not – when they are hypocritical someone is going to expose it.

If you want to check out your own carbon footprint, stop by here.

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