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Celebrity IQ scores: You won’t believe who beats out Einstein and Bill Gates!

Posted by mandyf on August 31, 2011

Did you ever see a celebrity or famous person on a talk show and say to yourself something like “Damn!!! It’s a really good thing he can sing because he’s sure not a rocket scientist.”? You’re not alone. Many people have, and it’s really very easy to do considering what comes out of some celebrities’ mouths or the seemingly idiotic things they do. Then again there are some celebrities that are smart enough to be a rocket scientist – on paper at least.  A few are rated slightly above the average houseplant too, so the pendulum really does swing both ways.

While some people put a tremendous amount of stock in IQ scores, others are more dismissive of them. Consider that Marilyn Vos Savant, who is considered to be the person with the highest recorded IQ score (Stanford-Binet), based on a test she took at 10 years old hasn’t reached that level again on a re-test. In fact it’s been shown that depending on the test, person taking the tests mood, and sometimes luck, people can see dramatic swings in their score not just after several years, but several weeks. Vos Savant has coasted her entire lifetime on the idea that she will one day do something great. So far, she writes a column for Parade magazine and…well that’s actually it.

Keeping that in mind, take the following celebrity IQ scores with a bit of a grain of salt. Yes, the scores are accurate, they just don’t indicate how smart a person actually is – just that they had the ability to achieve a given score on a given day. It does not indicate that they necessarily know what to do with the tools they have been gifted with.

High functioning idiot or genius?

Andy Warhol – IQ 86

Andy Warhol was an incredibly gifted creative genius, but by standard IQ tests he falls in the range of dullness which is between borderline deficiency and average. In lay terms, he was pretty much a functional idiot in by-the-book terms when he was tested. Maybe he was, but either way he made some great art that looks awesome on tee-shirts!

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger – IQ 135

The “Guvernator” actually falls right in the middle of the gifted range (130-139) and just ekes into the top 1% of scores which begins at 134. Who would ever thought it? It’s too bad he couldn’t use that “gifted mind” to figure out what the hell to do with California – or keep his affair and love child under wraps,

Dolph Lundgren – IQ 160

Dolph can kick your ass, and then tell you how many muscles he used to do it! (Photo by Alan Light)

Most people have trouble thinking of Lundgren as anyone but Ivan Drago who told Rocky Balboa in “Rocky IV”, “I will break you” and was all jacked up on steroids. What most people don’t know is that aside from being a really buff dude, he has masters degree in chemical engineering, was awarded a Fullbright scholarship to MIT, and just for fun was the captain of the Swedish National Karate Team and a 1996 Olympic pentathlete. He can verbally kick your ass in like 5 languages, physically pummel you and then rebuild you – bigger faster stronger!!!!!!!!! or something like that.

Ellen Muth – IQ 156

Muth is most famous for her work on shows like “Dead Like Me”, but she is also a member of Mensa and student at the Lee Strasberg Institute. Muth eclipses the mark of 140 which denotes the genius or near genius range.

Geena Davis – IQ 140

Davis has been a sales clerk, church organist, Olympic hopeful for the U.S. archery team, Oscar winning actress, Victoria’s Secret model, and on the side she is a genius just to stay busy. As Stewie on Family Guy would point out she has a bad gum to tooth ratio and isn’t doing much lately, but she’s still Geena Freakin’ Davis!

James Woods – IQ 160

Sure he falls for the famous “Oh piece of candy!” trick on Family Guy, but James Woods is a pretty smart dude when he isn’t busy being an on screen badass. He attended MIT on a scholarship before dropping out to act (Woods did eventually get a degree in political science), and scored a 1579 on the SAT – 800 verbal and 779 math.

Jodie Foster – IQ 132

Aside from her numerous awards and nominations for acting, and being declared one of the top 100 sexiest and best movie stars of all time, Foster graduated at the top of her class from the French College of Los Angeles, and has a degree in English Literature from Yale.  Yale also awarded her an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree in 1997.

Whores can be smart too! Book smart at least....

Madonna – IQ 140

While Madonna doesn’t have a wall full of degrees, she is constantly referenced as one of the best marketing minds in the music industry over the last quarter century for her ability to not follow trends, but rather set them and then cash in at a sickeningly monstrous rate. It doesn’t hurt that she is okay with whoring it up for few bucks – but in a genius way!!!

Muhammad Ali – IQ 78

Going by his IQ score alone, Ali would be considered borderline deficient, but to those who know the man he was anything but that. Ali was not a numbers and letters person so much as he was a people person, and when it came to knowing how to market himself he was one of the best around.

Quentin Tarantino – IQ 160

Tarantino has often been cited as a cutting edge artistic genius, but the fact is he is an all around smart dude – and a high school drop out. Tartantino was named one of the 10 best directors of all-time by Empire magazine in 2005.  Just think – he has the same IQ as Einstein! No wonder Mr. Pink kicks so much ass!

Photo by Googie man

Reggie Jackson is a freakin' genius! And he will remind you of that constantly!

Reggie Jackson – IQ 160

Reggie is the one and only “Mr. October”, had a candy bar named for him, is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, and is never bashful about letting everyone know how smart he is. He attended Arizona State on an athletic/academic scholarship but left after his sophomore year to sign a professional contract with the Oakland A’s.

Sharon Stone – IQ 154

Stone is always remembered for her sultry over the top sexy film scenes, but she also has a pretty good head on her shoulders. Maybe it was that highly tuned mind that told her to cash in on her looks while they were still hot. Stone was, and is, a bookworm that once had aspirations to become an attorney. Instead she followed her passion and got a degree in creative writing and fine arts. Did I mention she stared college at age 15 and received the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French government?

For comparison to how some of these celebrities stack up against people that are generally regarded for their minds, check out the following and decide for yourself how much an IQ score really means.

Spiro Agnew – IQ 135
John F. Kennedy – IQ 119
Kim Ung Yong – IQ 210
Judith Polar – IQ 170
John Sununu – IQ 180
Hilary Clinton – IQ 140
Bill Gates – IQ 160
Albert Einstein – IQ 160
Bobby Fischer – IQ 187
Garry Kasparov – IQ 190



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