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The weirdest online dating sites – Who’s getting into your underwear?

Posted by mandyf on August 30, 2011

They say you can find anything on the internet. Pretty much anyone that has spent more than 5 minutes tooling around google can testify to that being true. Dating sites are especially common, in fact there are so many being created every week they can barely keep a current registry of them all. Within a few clicks of the mouse you can find dating sites catering to religious denominations, local areas, the globe, men, women, gays, seniors, the physically challenged. If you can think of it, it’s probably out there. While the above type of dating sites are very common, there are some off the beaten path which cater to niches. Some are very sensible, others are just flat out weird.

As you will soon see there are a few sites that make you wonder what people are thinking? You don’t necessarily want to look, but you can’t help it. You have to click that link and see who the heck is in there.The only disclaimer is that what one person finds a weird another will not so take it all with a grain of salt.

Ready to meet mom!

For anyone that has ever dreamed of dating a convict, there’s a site just for you. You could be pen-pals or when they get out so much more. While it is noble to accept people do make mistakes, please be advised that establishing any relationship with incarcerated felons is not advisable. In fact it is probably a very bad idea. This is just an example that felons need love too and there are people outside the big house that seem to want to give them that love. We don’t have to understand, we just need to be aware it’s out there and be careful.

Another site I found odd was dating for farmers. I don’t find farmers weird in the least, without farmers we’re in a world of hurt! I just find it weird that there is actually a site dedicated strictly to dating farmers. The site founder Jerry Miller states the site is needed because “City folks just don’t get it.” That is the sites motto and the basis for founding a farmers dating site. The site currently boasts over 100,000 members so what do I know? Evidently there are plenty of people looking for a farmer or perhaps Marianne form Gilligan’s Island.In case you’re wondering, the first page had five Marianne look-a-likes. Maybe there’s more to those Green Acres than I thought…And he's great with a hoe!

I love my cat, she is a part of the family and helps me maintain my sanity. However, when I stumbled upon date my pet I wasn’t sure what to think. Thankfully it wasn’t what I feared and was just a site for pet lovers. It makes you wonder why they wouldn’t name it prt lovers dating or something else. What was odd to me wasn’t that one animal lover would want to connect with another, but some of the profiles. It wasn’t a simple “Must love cats” headline, these were really involved and seemed serious. “DWF looking for SWM with yorkies.” Then when you read the actual profiles it gets really weird. Within ten minutes I found someone “seeking a man that is veternarian, will consider going gay for female veterenarian.” If you love you pets so much you are willing to try switching teams, you may love your pets just a little too much.

If what you’re looking for ina potential mate is the ability to speak Klingon then there is a place for you. Trekkies love too and if

Dammit Jim I'm a Trekkie, not a weird fetish porn afficianado!

someone in Spock ears is what turns you on go for it! This is the perfect place to find that sexy Vulcan wannabe or maybe someone that can order dinner for you in Ferengi. Even if you don’t find your own Capt. James T. Kirk or 5 of 0, you can be up to date on when the next Trek convention is and try your chances there.While many would say this isn’t weird, the guy with the Lt Warf mask made me wonder…He can’t look that bad, can he?

In case you don’t identify with those “Trekkie Geeks” as yo may call them and consider yourself a pure good old fashioned geek someone had you in mind when they made Geek 2 Geek Dating. This is the perfect place to stroll in and be yourself. Maybe you’re a closet geek, or perhaps you’re all the way out, but either way this may be your best bet. How many sites actually give the rationale that dating geeks is good because they lack past romantic relationships? Come on already, do you really want to register and brand your

And she would be interested in which site?

self that way? Yes, far more people than I ever thought would be have happily registered, the only problem is if you’re a guy looking for the ladies it is slim pickings.

My final pick as a featured weird dating site is the Atlasphere. No, this has nothing to do with Atlas gym, but rather Atlas Shrugged. If you are a devotee of Ayn Rand looking for love with another of her followers then this is your only hope. The site has just passed the 10,000 member mark which was more than I expected, but who says romance won’t bloom over a lively discussion on The Fountainhead? I guess there could be weirder places to hook up, but this seems a little out there.

Just to prove there is  someone for everyone there are still more sites like one for STD sufferers (Which is socially responsible, but still a little weird), ostomates (You have to just look for yourself), and what list could be complete without a dating site for people that are already married but just feel like they need to have a discrete affair? I told you there is something out there for everyone.


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