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Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA – If you time it right, there are some donuts

Posted by mandyf on August 19, 2011

On the morning of August 16, 2011, the usual morning stop at the Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA turned into a rude shock – the franchise owner, otherwise known as the donut Nazi around the web since the event, had told his employees to stop making the donuts so he wouldn’t lose money on unsold product. After that event, I reported it here and it garnered some attention. To be fair and keep people informed of what has happened since, here is the follow-up report.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Dunkin’ Donuts corporate contacted me via Twitter to see if they could help resolve the problem. Kudos to them for noticing, but minus one point for taking over a day to actually get back to me from the time I answered. The corporate contact was pleasant and she relayed that what was going on at the Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA was totally unacceptable and not in keeping with their standards. She even said that she would have the franchise owner at the Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA contact me to explain why he decided to no longer make the donuts. He didn‘t call back to make good on that at any point during the day.

On the morning of the 17th, we went back to the Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA to see if it got any better. It got worse. Now instead of a few scattered donuts up on the trays, there were only empty trays and some assorted donuts that were who knows how old sitting in the case up front – basically the funky ones like 3 people order. Many people walked out without donuts because their orders couldn’t be filled, some left the line and store altogether, and others stuck with their coffee and passed on foodstuffs completely. You just have to feel sorry for the employees that are forced to keep apologizing profusely for a franchise owner that is an idiot.

On the morning of the 18th, we made another visit and lo and behold there were donuts! Actually there were some donuts, maybe a ½ dozen of most varieties. If two people happened to come in and each wanted a dozen glazed, someone was leaving half satisfied and someone was leaving empty handed and pissed off because there wasn’t a single dozen of them to be had. The good news is they were fresh and you had pretty good odds of at least being able to get a ½ dozen of whatever kind of donut you liked if you were first in line. The manager, who had been gone through this ordeal up to this point, was back and it was good to see his smiling face again. When asked about what was up with the scant supply of donuts he rolled his eyes a little and didn’t comment. Give him credit for not bagging anyone.

And then we reach the 19th –  just minutes removed from the latest trip to the Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA. It was a little better. The employees and manager were as nice as they always are, and the donut situation was marginally better. Most varieties of donuts were up near a dozen on hand. It was good to see that everyone working there didn’t have to keep apologizing for not having anything on hand. Still, if two people wanted the same type of donut, by the dozen at least, someone was out of luck. The sad thing is, if I really want donuts to share at work or whatever, the only option is a Krispy Kreme – I know they will have enough donuts to fill an order.

What I have learned through this is that Dunkin’ Donuts corporate does listen if there is a problem with a franchise. I also learned that they are either unable to compel franchise owners to follow directives or the franchise owner at Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA is just a tool. He never contacted me via any medium as I was told he would do by corporate. He has my number, email and I KNOW he is aware of where my blog is. It’s time to own up donut Nazi – why are you still skimping, and why are you afraid to answer some of my questions?


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  1. […] Dunkin’ Donuts is coffee and donuts – notice the word donut is in the name. Where I used to live the corporate slogan was “America runs on Dunkin’.” When I was a kid, it was the old mustachioed guy constantly droning on that “It’s time to make the donuts.“ I have noticed however that once you leave the northeast and get down south, that slogan should come with a question mark, or maybe even be “Dunkin’ runs like crap.” That is not the case at EVERY Dunkin’ location, but at the Dunkin’ Donuts located on 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd.  in Norcross, GA it sure is. The franchise owner at that location is half Satan, half dick – and there are good reasons why. Dunkin’ Donuts corporate – please take notice and consider appropriate action. (Please see updates to this story here) […]

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