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Causes, symptoms, and treatment for a penile yeast infection

Posted by mandyf on August 19, 2011

While most people are unaware of said fact, men can get yeast infections almost as easily as women can. The possibility for a male yeast infection exists whenever a man has vaginal, anal, or oral sex (assuming the person giving has thrush) with a woman that has a yeast infection. While this is most common in uncircumcised men, circumcised males can contract the infection as well. It is rather rare because the glans are always exposed to air however and a yeast infection needs heat and moisture to incubate.

The symptoms of a penile yeast infection are quite similar to those of a vaginal yeast infection in which itching and an unnatural penile discharge are present. There is the possibility that the yeast infection can travel to the urethra, and in very rare cases even to the prostate gland. Even for those suffering from diabetes or on certain antibiotic regimens, penile yeast infections are possible. They are not common, but when there is the possibility of an intestinal yeast overgrowth, the possibility for a penile yeast infection exists as well.

A person with a penile yeast infection faces an uphill battle in treatment. Early treatment is the key because once skin cells macrophage the course of action is nearly unbearable due to the pain. The reaction of the penile skin to a yeast infection is to harden as a defense mechanism. While that works to some degree, the problem is that erections will still occur, usually involuntary, which causes the now hardened skin to crack and split providing moisture for the infection to spread and survive creating a vicious circle.

To treat a penile yeast infection, it is always advisable to see a physician. Over the counter treatments like Monistat 7 which women use for vaginal yeast infections,  Diflucan, and any number of creams and pills do work for some men in some cases to a varying extent. What all too often happens is that there is temporary relief, but the yeast infection maintains a foothold and returns when the self prescribed course of treatment is completed.

There are natural treatments, but one must be very careful using them if they do not know in advance how their skin/system is going to react. If caught early, a penile yeast infection can be treated fairly easy by following a treatment plan laid out by your doctor. Just be aware that when trying to self treat if the problem becomes habitual, you can begin building a resistance to the antibiotics making each treatment cycle less effective leading to the point where you will have to see a physician for a more serious treatment plan.



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