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Dunkin’ Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA – No Donuts for you!!!!

Posted by mandyf on August 16, 2011

If there were a Seinfeldian Donut nazi he'd be at Dunkin' Donuts 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA

Dunkin’ Donuts is coffee and donuts – notice the word donut is in the name. Where I used to live the corporate slogan was “America runs on Dunkin’.” When I was a kid, it was the old mustachioed guy constantly droning on that “It’s time to make the donuts.“ I have noticed however that once you leave the northeast and get down south, that slogan should come with a question mark, or maybe even be “Dunkin’ runs like crap.” That is not the case at EVERY Dunkin’ location, but at the Dunkin’ Donuts located on 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd.  in Norcross, GA it sure is. The franchise owner at that location is half Satan, half dick – and there are good reasons why. Dunkin’ Donuts corporate – please take notice and consider appropriate action. (Please see updates to this story here)

On the morning of August 16, 2011, my partner stopped by the 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd.  Norcross, GA Dunkin’ Donuts as she does almost every weekday morning to pick up a coffee for me and some treats for herself – usually an Old Fashioned or two. This was a weird morning though – and not because I was tagging along or because nobody seems to understand that a “regular coffee” is an order calling for cream and sugar in the coffee. It was odd because it was the morning that Dunkin’ Donuts had no donuts.

All of the equipment worked fine so that wasn’t it – the problem  is the franchise owner.  Usually the manager is at the location and very friendly each morning – except for this morning. So my first though was maybe the employees slacked while the manager was away. That wasn’t it though. As we got closer to the counter, we kept hearing the counter personnel apologizing profusely for only having a few odd leftover donuts available for everyone. The reason it was that way is because the 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd. Norcross, GA Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owner told the employees NOT TO MAKE DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!

Phot by Asdino

You could get these at the 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Dunkin' Donuts - they'd just be a day or two old

The Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owner was complaining that he was losing money on donuts that were not sold, so his solution was to not make more donuts. If anyone wanted some hard coconut donut they were in luck. If they wanted some leftover munchkins they were in luck. If they wanted even 1 – just 1 – plain donut it was no dice! How the hell do you run a donut shop that doesn’t have donuts?

Evidently, as a franchise owner, this guy can do any damn thing he wants with his Dunkin’ Donuts. Serve no donuts, or serve stale old leftovers. Hell, why would Dunkin’ Donuts care what he does right? He can just have the employees keep apologizing over and over again until enough of the old stale donuts are sold to make some that are fresh. Why would Dunkin’ Donuts care if a franchise owner is spitting on their image and only serving old stale donuts or none at all.

As a person that spends around $1800 at Dunkin’ Donuts every year – conservatively – this is total crap. If a franchise owner can run their location anyway they want – which includes serving stale old food – see ya later.  If Dunkin’ Donuts cares about their image and wants to make good and save a customer of some 30 years – do the right thing and clean up the Dunkin’ Donuts at 1300 Indian Trail Lilburn Rd.  in Norcross, GA. Otherwise, we don’t have to run on Dunkin’ we can run on Starbucks just as easily.


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