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Great vacation destinations for lesbians in the U.S.

Posted by mandyf on August 15, 2011

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What makes a destination a great place for a lesbian to vacation? There is no cut and dry answer, but rather a combination of factors. Among those factors, especially in the U.S., is that you want to be someplace you can feel safe and welcomed. If you are vacationing alone you will want to reasonably find places to meet other women. If you vacation as a couple you will want to be able to hold your partners hand while strolling without feeling awkward. While there are a few dozen places like this to choose from, the best lesbian vacation destinations also offer something extra, businesses which cater to their business. With that in mind are the best lesbian vacation destinations in the U.S.

While it surprises many people, the best rated lesbian vacation destination each year as voted on by actual lesbians is Provincetown (P-Town) Massachusetts. Whether you want to stay in a hotel or guest house you’re in luck, it’s all here and suited to fit all budgets. You can spend the days on beaches that are to die for, and then spend the night enjoying phenomenal food at any number of restaurants catering to most all styles of cuisine. If you want a little more from the night the clubs stay open late offering everything from night clubs to comedy shows. Best of all is it is themed specifically for the LGBT community.

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Las Vegas, Nevada has recently moved up the list of top lesbian vacation destinations. Lesbians love Vegas for the same reasons everyone else does; you can do almost anything you want there, and what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Las Vegas has long been a lesbian friendly destination as there is a slightly higher than average LGBT population in general that calls Vegas home. The Border grill is the home to one of the best openly out lesbian chefs in the world, and a night at Girl Bar itself can make the whole trip worthwhile whether you are traveling alone or with a companion.

San Francisco used to be considered the top spot until a decade or so ago but has been sliding down the rankings slowly and consistently. There is no doubt that San Francisco is a beautiful city to visit and is very gay friendly, the problem is not much changes there. The general sentiment cited for its slide as of late has been the drama surrounding too many anti-gay demonstrations regarding gay marriage and associated issues, as well as the general feeling that as beautiful as the city is, if you’ve done it once you’re all set for several more years. The one exception has always been the San Francisco gay Pride weekend, but even that has been losing visitors from outside the area heading to other fresher cities.

As ranked by lesbians themselves, there are five other destinations in the U.S. which made the cut as being great vacation destinations for the lesbian community. Just missing the top 5 cut is Seattle where a visit to Toys in Babeland is considered mandatory. Bringing up the rear is Portland, Oregon, Key West, Florida, and oddly enough Dallas, Texas. That is not a typo. Dallas despite it’s location on the Bible belt has quickly become a top lesbian destination, especially the Cedar Springs Road area noted as the gayest street in Texas. Hit the Round-Up Saloon and swing with your gal!

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