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Frontierville Pioneer Trail collections guide and prep course – be ready to hit the trail!

Posted by mandyf on August 13, 2011

For anyone not sure what to expect, the Frontierville Pioneer Trail is going to be a little bit like the classic Game Oregon Trail – just not enough to cause any copyright issues. It all centers around hitting the trail to find a kidnapped child. Once you get the note telling you it is time to hit the trail, you have a few serious decisions to make. You need to pick 3 friends to fill out your party (Hunter, carpenter and doctor) but they do not necessarily have to be your friends – you can opt to let Zynga randomly assign players from the entire Frontierville pool to your party. Ypu may do well or hate your group. It‘s a risk but a nice option But on with the collections – And don’t forget to check out the info explaining new points and currencies after the collection list!!!

The items within each Frontierville Pioneer Trail collection will be listed in no particular order aside from the rare item which will always be presented last and denoted with an asterisk (*).

Plum Collection

Dried Plums
Plum Blossom
Plum Wine
Prune Juice
* Umeboshi

Acquired By – Tending Plum Trees
Trade In – Plum Tree & 50 XP


Wolf Collection

Wolf bane
Wolf paw
Wolf teeth
Wolf pelt
* Wolf skull

Acquired By – Hunting wolves in Avalanche Pass
Trade In – 100 Prize Tickets

Wild  Strawberry Collection

Strawberry Jam
Strawberry pie
Strawberry flower
Strawberry milk
* Ice cream

Acquired By – Harvesting wild strawberries
Trade in –  50 Prize Tickets

Wild Rice Collection

Wild rice pilaf
Wild rice risotto
Steamed wild rice
Wild rice pudding
*Red beans and rice

Ac1quired by – Harvesting wild rice
Trade in – 50 Prize Tickets

White Oak Collection

White oak bark
White oak leaf
White oak flower
Hedgehog gall
* White oak acorn

Acquired by – Chopping white oak trees
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Turkey Hunting Collection

Giant turkey leg
Turkey feather
Wing bone whistle
Turkey stew
*Turkey jerky

Acquired by – Hunting turkeys in Beaver Valley
Trade in – 50 Prize Tickets

Tumbleweed Collection

Tumbleweed roots
Tumbleweed seeds
Dry Fruit
* Brown weed spine
Acquired by – Clearing tumbleweed at Fort Courage
Trade In – Thorns x1 and 200 coins

St. Bernard Collection

Barrel collar
Dog slobber
Hiking pole
Monk’s robe
* Rescue medal
Acquired by – collecting medicine from St. Bernards on Pioneer trail
Trade In – 100 prize tickets

Travelin’ Tools Collection

Brace and bit
* Tin Snips

Acquired by – scavenging toolboxes in Beaver Valley
Trade in – 75 Prize tickets

Snowy Spruce Collection

* Sap

Acquired by – chopping snowy spruce trees
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Snowy Barrel Collection

Cloth wick
Hand lantern
Oil burner
* Pick axe

Acquired by – Scavenging snow barrels in Avalanche Pass
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Red Trillium Collection

* Pendant

Acquired by – Clearing red trillium
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Sandstone Collection

Yellow sandstone
Tan sandstone
Red sandstone
White sandstone
* Pink sandstone

Acquired by – clearing sandstone At Fort Courage
Trade in – Tools x4

Pheasant Hunting Collection

Pheasant skull
Pheasant beak
Pheasant drumstick
Pheasant feathers
* Pheasant foot

Acquired by- Hunting pheasant in the High Plains
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Persimmon Collection

Persimmon cider
Persimmon candy
Persimmon jam
Persimmon cobbler
* Persimmon pie

Acquired by – Harvesting persimmon trees
Trade in – 50 prize tickets

Work Chest Collection

Twisted nail
Thick rope
* Tar barrel

Acquired by – scavenging steamer trunks in the High Plains
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Mountain Blueberry Collection

Blueberry pie
Blueberry juice
Blueberry muffin
Blueberry jam
* Blueberry pancakes

Acquired by – harvesting mountain blueberries
Trade in – 50 prize tickets

Beast O’ Burden Collection

Stake and Rope
* Whip

Acquired by – scavenging mule packs on Pioneer Trail
Trade in – 100 prize tickets

Apothecary Collection

Jar of leeches
Measuring spoon
* Silver nitrate

Acquired by – gathering mortar and pestles in the High Plains
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Military Collection
Bandolier (Alternate variety)
Military rifle
Military pack
* Military cap

Acquired by – Collecting daily soldier bonus at Fort Courage
Trade in – Cloth x4 and 300 XP

Manzanita Collection

Dried manhandle
* Manzanita cider

Acquired by – clearing Manzanita
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Wild Lupine Collection

Gossamer butterfly
Blue lupine dye
Lupine seeds
* Lupine wreath

Acquired by – Clearing wild lupine
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Pole Pine Collection

Carvin’ Knife
Pine bough wreath
Pine coffin
Pine rockin’ chair
* Pine slingshot

Acquired by – Chopping down lodge pines at Fort Courage
Trade in – Sharp axe x5

Prairie Lavender Collection

Lavender flower
Lavender tea
Lavender oil
Lavender syrup
* Lavender Potpourri

Acquired by – Clearing prairie lavender
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Hickory Tree Collection

Hickory leaves
Smokin’ charcoal
Hickory syrup
Hickory nuts
* Hickory switch

Acquired by – chopping hickory trees
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Gnarly Horned Mountain Goat Collection

Mohair yarn
Stinky cheese
Chin puff
Twisted horn
* Gnarly sweater

Acquired by – hunting mountain goats in Avalanche Pass
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Med Pack Collection

Arm sling
Healing salve
Hot water bottle
* Iodine

Acquired by – gathering med packs in Avalanche Pass
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Rail Medicine Collection

Head Mirror
* Tongue depressor

Acquired by – Gather medicine bags in Beaver Valley
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Crawdad Collection

Crawdad pilaf
Boiled crawdads
Mudbug scuffle
Spicy crawdad
* Crawdad claw

Acquired by – harvesting crawdad traps
Trade in – 75 prize tickets

Canada Goose Collection

Goose down
Half eaten grass
Goose gravy
Grilled goose
* Goose liver toast

Acquired by – hunting Canadian geese on the Pioneer trail
Trade in – 100 prize tickets

Crabapple Collection

Crabapple blossoms
Crabapple juice
Pickled crabapple
* Crabapple bread

Acquired by – Harvesting crabapple trees
Trade in – 50 prize tickets

Prickly Pear Collection

Prickly pear flower
Prickly pear nectar
Prickly pear sap
Cactus stalk
*Prickly pear tea

Acquired by – tending prickly pear cactus plants
Trade in – Prickly pear cactus

Blackberry Collection

Blackberry honey
Blackberry jam
Pickled Blackberry
Sharp thorns
Blackberry cobbler

Acquired by – harvesting blackberries
Trade in – 25 prize tickets

Frontierville Pioneer trail has Trail Points which is basically Pioneer Trail only XP that unlocks different things, and then it has prize tickets. Prize tickets are used to trade for items at Bart’s Bargain Store. Special items and buildings are available there along with all the usual items.


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