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Little Black Book V 2.0 – Read it and piss off a hate group!

Posted by mandyf on August 9, 2011

The FRC, and their ugly stepchild Mass Resistance (Which is a REGISTERED HATE GROUP), have been busy telling lies – again. Usually we expect to hear these organizations screaming that being gay is sin, the homosexual agenda is designed to destroy America before sinking the rest of the world into a pit of despair, or weird crap that makes no sense. The FRC has been crusading about the horrors of the Little Black Book V 2.0 Queer in the 21st Century. Incidentally – thanks to the FRC for promoting the book (unintentionally of course) and making it available online here . You FRC dumb asses just did us a favor!

Obviously, Mass resistance and FRC are not as gay about this as I am (Photo by: Unknown)

Although there is a long running story the FRC concocted that GLESN is distributing this manual, that rumor sold as truth is a complete FRC lie. It is disinformation designed to sully an organization that has a history of helping stigmatized people, LGBT persons, whom the FRC and Mass Resistance see as less than human. Their claim is the LBB (Little Black Book) is a piece of homoerotic gay recruitment propaganda designed to sway heterosexual boys to being gay. They further purport it contains pornographic images, provides meeting places for sex, encourages the use of drugs and promiscuity. They then bemoan that it was funded, at least in part, by a government agency.

The Little Black Book V 2.0 is a manual – just not the way it is portrayed. Let’s examine what it really contains so that each individual can decide for them self whether or not this is actually material that is “dangerous and irresponsible” or information that is dangerous and irresponsible to not distribute. Everything will be examined fairly -along with my own commentary – from page one until the pamphlet ends – don’t worry it will go quickly.

Page 1 – “Hey Queer Boy” is the opening page that outlines what will be found in the book. It also touches on the specifics of Boston being a gay tolerant city – which is debatable but never mind – and says little else of consequence.

Pages 2 and 3  – A discussion of coming out and what one might expect. It provides a few titles to reading material that may help. There are a few contact numbers for peer hotlines for anyone that may require a little extra support.

So far there is nothing dangerous or homoerotic. It has to get worse right? The FRC said it would!

Pages 4 and 5 – Discusses places where a person may meet others – providing NO SPECIFIC ESTABLISHMENT NAMES. These are places like – coffee houses, the great outdoors or at Pride. Wow what a shocker~! Gay people might meet gay people at something like Gay Pride or out talking a walk or having a coffee. Who knew gays did things like that? The other page deals with meeting people volunteering in the community. How awful that people may receive the help they need from a gay… for shame.

Pages 6 and 7 – These pages discuss diseases – you know the HIV and STD variety. They explain what each disease is, when it will show up, indicators that you may have an STD and how you go about treating each one.  How this is bad for anyone – gay or straight – to understand is beyond me. It goes without saying that there are more straight people with STD’s running around spreading disease than gays (Because there are more straight people to do it) so they NEED this info as well.

Pages 8 and 9 – The condom guide. This, again, is a page heterosexual men could certainly benefit from reading as well. Hell even women could. It discusses what a condom is, what it does and why condoms should be used. It is information that should be distributed. There is nothing of an inappropriate sexual nature about this info – there’s not even anything mildly titillating about it.

Pages 10 and 11 – How to put on a condom. This is where the mass resistance morons go nuts. Rather than using a banana or a wiffle ball bat or some crap, they used a real live person that lo and behold has a penis! Even if I liked dick – there is nothing remotely erotic about a pair of tiny, grainy black and white photos of a dude slipping a condom on. On the storability scale it is like a 1 – maybe. I’ve seen hotter dick pics in a National Geographic – and maybe the FRC and Mass Resistance want to go after Nat Geo next.
Pages 12 and 13 – This is more about condoms and the importance of discussing their use prior to any intimacy taking place. This also helps establish consent – not a bad thing to have before plowing someone’s bean field. All it basically says is that unprotected sex is more dangerous than the protected variety. Seriously, that’s the whole gist of it.

Pages 14 thru 18 deal with drugs. There is no place in any of this says anyone should use drugs. Nowhere does it tell anyone to use drugs – legal or illegal. What it does say however is that mixing drugs and sex is a very bad and potentially dangerous course of action. It explains what drugs are by their technical and street aliases so you know what someone may be offering you and what it could do to you. It spends a lot of time detailing the particular dangers of crystal meth. Everyone should know about the potential harm of illegal drugs and date rape drugs. Everyone can fall victim to them – it is not just a gay problem – it’s an EVERYONE problem!

Pages 19 thru 21 deal with getting a healthcare provider and making use them. It also goes into raunchy stuff like getting vaccinated and getting off your ass to exercise regularly. Stop smoking and seek out a person to talk to if you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed , unstable or depressed. Eat healthy… really subversive gay agenda stuff we don’t want heterosexuals to know about. God forbid the straight people we love be healthy…

Pages 22 and 23 deal with HIV and Aids. What are they? What are symptoms? How can they be contracted? Why it is a good idea to get tested. There are treatments available. I have no idea how there is anything wrong with providing this info. You would need to be a serious whack job to take exception to this.

Pages 24 and 25 discuss the different types of sexual activity men can share together and how safe each activity is. It is common sense stuff like fisting is risky – ask straight women that are down with it if you doubt me that it can be risky. You can get Hep from piss play – wow big shocker! Mutual masturbation is pretty damn safe – another big shocker! Rimming has risks and toys can be tough to keep clean. This is stuff everyone should know , again, gay or straight.

Page 27 discusses your sexual rights and responsibilities. If the message that you have the responsibility to not infect anyone with a DISEASE is somehow subversive and aimed at brainwashing people to becoming gay…I must live in a whole different universe.

Pages 28and 29 do list a load of Boston area gay clubs. This is a community service, not some drive to tell people where to get a little action like Mass resistance claims. It is always good for ANYONE in ANY type of group which is not the majority to know where they can go to be with people like them self where they will be treated as an equal and feel safe. What is wrong with that? Would Mass resistance prefer that all the gay clubs closed and waves of gays descended on “Their Clubs?” Think about it dill holes.

Pages 30 and 31 discuss where to get AIDS tests and healthcare. Again, how is any of that bad?

Amy Contrada- Head With MAss resistance - Phot from: QueerToday http://queertoday.com/profiles/blogs/massresistance-ringleaderFRC , Mass Resistance and groups of their ilk are banking on a few things when they spread outright lies about the gay community:

1) We will never speak up and point out their lies.
2) We will not network their disinformation being debunked.
3) Heterosexual people will always take their word for what they present based on some twisted “solidarity.”
4) We won’t fight back.

Well, for what it is worth, I am a person tired of hearing people I have never met tell me what is wrong with me. I am tired of people fabricating information for no purpose but to myself and others. Think of this people – when these organizations spread lies and hate they are doing it to each one of us personally. They almost certainly do not know our names or faces, but they want each of us to suffer the impact of their lies. Our straight friends and family members suffer them as well for supporting, loving or even just their tolerating us.

Mass Resistance Furher Brian Camenker with Rep.'s "Batshit" Bachman and King (photo Pam's House Blend http://www.pamshouseblend.com/diary/13547/ )

It’s time to stop sitting back and taking it and actually get proactive! Respond to the lies with truth! Expose the dirty dealings of these groups when we encounter them! Expose the politicians and companies that support them – and then let them know we are not amused! If we do not speak up for ourselves no one else will. Michel and Marcus Bachmann will not defend us. Rick Perry will not defend us. Mitt Romney will defend us until he no longer needs us – as we have seen already. Target, Walmart and countless mega -corporations are not really our allies. Let them know – WE ARE NOT AMUSED!


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