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Meet Marcus Bachmann – He’s our douchebag of the day!

Posted by mandyf on August 8, 2011

Photo by David ShankboneIs Marcus Bachmann gay is a question that is floating around with greater regularity. Whether or not Marcus Bachmann is gay or not is something only he and his beard, wife, know for sure. The point of this look at who Marcus Bachmann is isn’t all about whether Marcus Bachmann is gay or not, but rather what his views are and what type of life he has been leading. As a public figure and the husband of a person running for our nation’s highest elected office it is only fair that as citizens we get acquainted with him. While Michele Bachmann has said that questions about Marcus Bachmann being gay, or any other questions about him are off limits, we’re not going to ask questions here – just regurgitate the facts with  little commentary.

Okay, I lied. We are going to speculate whether or not Marcus Bachmann is gay or not – but just a little. Cher certainly thinks Marcus Bachmann is gay. This is worth noting because let’s be perfectly clear – CHER KNOWS GAY! Cher Tweeted “But Boys please utube this asshole & tell me what u think … Cause My Gay-Dar is GOING OFF !!!” Cher isn’t the only one who thinks Marcus Bachmann is gay – I do as well but no one really cares about that. People like Andrew Sullivan, Lizz Winstead, James Urbaniak, Keith Olberman and Dave Foley have all speculated that Marcus Bachmann is gay in a big way and that at some time or another Marcus Bachmann has taken it in the tailpipe.

James Urbaniak said of Marcus Bachman; “I haven’t seen flames that high since last California Wildfire.” Lizz Winstead said Marcus Bachmann is “the white Al Reynolds.” People say this kind of stuff because he is an extremely effeminate man that is so ferociously anti-gay that you just have to wonder. Most people that are as anti-gay as Marcus Bachmann are hiding something – and what he is hiding may be his sexuality in the closet. Hey, just saying…. The dude does have a free lifetime membership to Gaydar.net…

Bachmann and Associates is a Christian Counseling Clinic. They take Medicaid money like an infant takes to the breast. Christian counseling is…different. For one, in Christian counseling there is a belief that such things like “praying away the gay” is not only possible but a true and effective psychological treatment that taxpayers should – and are – billed for, Never mind that the APA along with every other legitimate medical society has debunked this treatment as being ineffective and potentially harmful.

Is Marcus Bachmann even a “real” therapist? Is he licensed to practice any kind of actual psychiatric care? The Minnesota Board of Behavioral and Health Therapy has no record of him being licensed.  That means that at least that board cannot speak to Marcus Bachmann providing competent or ethical services. But there is more. The Minnesota Board of Marriage and Family Therapy do not have a record that states Marcus Bachmann holds a license through them.

So, Marcus Bachmann does not have a license for family counseling, marriage counseling, behavioral therapy or health therapy. The Bio on his own Bachmann and Associates site states that Marcus specializes in: “ Marriage and Family, Depression/Anxiety, Anger Management, Family of Origin Issues.” How does he do it all without a license from a major certifying board? He is sneaky – he is a “Christian counselor” running a “Christian counseling clinic.” They do not stress  the whole “Christian” thing in their name, but it is prevalent throughout their site. It gets the government off their back because perish the thought that they question anyone hiding behind the banner of Christianity! Beyond that though – Minnesota doesn’t even require a THERAPIST to hold any kind of actual license to peddle whatever shit they call therapy.

The bigger question is how they wrangle Medicaid payments out of the government for “Christian counseling” when they are not using treatments that are licensed by any state or federal agency and there is supposed to be that whole separation of church and state thing. Does anyone have a legitimate explanation of this? If so, please comment and clarify how this works in the state of Minnesota.

Marcus Bachmann sucks at math. Let’s take a look at his credentials he claims a little bit closer. Bachmann claims on his clinic website that he has 23 years of experience in his field. 2011 -23 years is 1988. That means if he graduated from the Union Graduate School he could have only obtained a Ph.D in Arts and Sciences and he would have had to have graduated by the end of the 1986 school session. After that, his degree would read as having been issued by the Union Institute or later by the Union Institute and University.  It makes a difference, and he should know what the name of the school is he graduated from – and that he got a degree they actually offer. Even if he graduated later than ‘86 or ‘88, he could still have his Ph.D from them (under some name) right? Not really – at least not the degree he portrays. Union – under any name – never offered a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. After 2001, they began offering a Psy.D which is not the same thing. What the hell is his degree really in? Anyone know?

Here’s the next problem. The Union Graduate Institute’s doctoral program in psychology was not – and is not – accredited by the APA which means it is primarily useless. Only a few states even CONSIDER licensing someone with a degree from an unaccredited program. Furthermore – Union is a non-traditional distance learning styled university – sounds like a diploma mill to me. Just keeping it real. He either does not know what degree he actually holds, holds no degree because the schools he claims to have degrees from did not offer what he claims to hold,  or he’s just a dumbass schmuck that is inflating his resume assuming no one will ever check it out.

Listen…Bachmann has called gay barbarians. He has been caught in lies over and over again concerning his gay conversion therapy. First he didn’t do it, then he did only if the patient asked for it. What kind of idiot gives the patient whatever they want – aside from an idiot with no real credentials for the job he is trying to perform. He is an obvious embarrassment to his wife, Michele Bachmann, who tries to avoid talking about him whenever possible. If Marcus Bachmann ain’t queer, he’s damn near! As soon as this guy got major exposure gaydar around the world went off with screeching whistles and bells – you silver fox you! The guy has a bio and educational background that make no sense when scrutinized. Marcus Bachmann is almost as hosed up as his wife in this regard.

Now you maybe know a little more about who could be the first…man?….in the White House. Hopefully hell freezes over before that happens, but who knows? The world gets more screwed up everyday. Like this video of a Bachmann and Associates Clinic that tells a guy he can cure his homosexuality through prayer…how freakin’ sad….


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