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The most disgusting foods in the world

Posted by mandyf on August 5, 2011

It’s really not right to fault anyone for their taste in food, but there are some foods that are really disgusting to quite a few people. They are so disgusting in fact they easily make the list of the most disgusting food in the world – and hardly anyone will argue their inclusion. For those who truly enjoy these foods – to each their own. Different cultures definitely have different tastes and traditions centered around food which is perfectly cool. If you like to go out and try new foods with the attitude of the more exotic the better, beware and very afraid if you see any of these foods offered on a menu.

Casu Marzu Photo by Shardan

Casu Marzu, a pecorino cheese, does not  sound at all bad until you keep in mind that this particular “vintage” becomes vintage by being allowed to rot. Not go bad a little, flat out go rotten to the point that maggots infest it. This is actually done on purpose. It is so putrid and just begs aloud to make you sick that it is officially illegal because it is so out of date with modern food preparation and sanitation codes. It is said to taste like – well like really bad pecorino, but with the kicker of rotten cheese plumped maggots crawling out of it.

While incredibly popular in portions of Asia, balut is enough to make you hurl just from the description. Basically you take a fertilized duck egg that is allowed to grow for maybe a few weeks, peel off a portion of the shell until you see the little somewhat developed baby duck complete with beak, tiny bones, and feathers now and then. Once you have good access to it, tip it back and slurp it down right from the shell. A little salt is supposed to help, but for the author, it most certainly did not. It induced such vigorous refunding of food it could qualify as a part of a weight loss plan. The hurling is also good for the abs by the way, lot’s of clenching going on.

Balut Egg...yummy?

Sheep’s head isn’t all that bad so far as taste, but the presentation is a little gross. It’s not always easy to eat something staring right back at you. Of course you could eat the eyes first to avoid that, but empty sockets staring back is still kinda disturbing for some. Usually the brain is removed because it is not considered the safest part to eat these days, but the tongue is fair game and the cheeks are said to be okay. Still though…it is watching you eat it.

Sannakji - Photo by: by LWY

Sannakji – that’s baby octopus to most folks – is served while still alive. It is cut into some super fun bite sized pieces, but that doesn’t really stop the wriggling or the suction cups trying to cling to everything on the way down to your stomach. Eating a live bug is one thing, but something that actively tries to latch onto you from the inside all the way down is just creepy. Plus it is rubbery and basically tasteless, but again, to each their own.

Fermented salmon heads, better known as stink heads over in Alaska, are a special treat for people that must have done very bad things. The heads of King salmon are separated from the body and placed into fermentation pits for a few weeks or however long it takes for them to turn into a kind of glob type substance. Basically, this is just a rotten fish head. Just because it is a King salmon doesn’t mean it rots better. Would you eat rotten trout heads? How about rotten carp heads? It’s a rotten fish head! That’s it!

For a real treat that also comes with the potential to cause side effects like…death!, bat paste may take the cake. First catch your bats, any net should suffice. Drop the bat into a pot of boiling milk. Roast the bat, and then make it into a paste using the herbs and spices of your preference – Thai herbs are said to work quite well. It may taste kinda okay so long as you get the little fuzzy stuff completely out of it, but keep in mind that bats carry disease like Walter Payton carried footballs. Undercook your bat just a little or get the wrong one and you will be super wicked pissed off that was your last meal.

PArtially cooked dog - Phot by: Anna Frodesiak

Of course things like 100 years eggs are kinda gross and kimchi is as well to some people so they may have a place among the grossest foods. Jellied moose nose is pretty harsh, and fugu fish (tiny puffer fish) can certainly kill you as easily improperly prepared bat. The point is that disgusting is in the taste bus of the beholder. What some find repulsive others consider a delicacy. In America eating dog is taboo, but in the Philippines if you get a chance for some good shake and bake puppy chops by all means try it, because it is only by trying new things we discover what we really do like – and really don’t as well.


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