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Virtual dating from home pays $60k? Why did I go to college?

Posted by mandyf on August 2, 2011

Who would have thought there would ever be a legitimate career in the field of virtual dating some 25-30 years ago? I never would have believed it . Actually, I didn’t believe it because it didn’t exist – at least in the manner it does today. I found it unbelievable when a friend told me they read an article on virtual dating – and no this is not a recruiting pitch – but her claims were true. People really are making over a grand a week working from home as a virtual dater. To be honest, I never personally met anyone that is doing this, but there are plenty of legit testimonials out there. Plus, people that have serious disposable income will do freaky things now and then.

So, if you are looking for a work at home job that requires serious flirting,  the ability to work full-time, and you are a particularly gifted mimic, virtual dating may be a job you can handle. Virtual dating is a growing reality in the better than $1 billion dollar annual industry of online dating, and with clients willing to pay upward of $1,200 per month to hire their own personal online dater, the demand and money are well established. There are even real agencies specializing in this now with actual brick and mortar locations – it appears like it is around to stay for awhile.  Is it right for you though?

An online virtual dater is a person that handles all the annoying parts of finding a partner online. If you are endlessly annoyed with thew whole dreck of creating accounts and then keeping them up to date, a virtual dater will hook you up. They manage the dating profile, making sure it is put together in the best possible way to attract attention. They may spend a little time in the dating site chat rooms using the client ID to increase awareness of their profile and help establish the account as legitimate and active so it appears higher on searches.  They will handle answering the email and weeding out who does and does not fit the desired qualities expected in a clients potential matches as well as the spam from players and flat out idiots.

It is more in depth than that though. A virtual dater will spend time interviewing and checking in with their client periodically. It is imperative that the virtual dater always be abreast of any changes that the client wants because as their wants change their profile must also change. It also helps the virtual dater be able to mimic their online personality better so that if and when the client chooses to take over the online relationship them self it is a seamless transition.  Above all else, a virtual dter always has to maintain the privacy of their client never revealing unauthorized personal information, that the person uses a virtual dater, or in any way comprises the client.

There is demand for men and women in this field of employment as Scott Valdez who runs ViDA (Virtual Dating Assistants) claims about 40% of his clientele for this service is female. In some cases, there are women or men that can accurately and convincingly assume the persona of the opposite gender, but in general it is believed women can do so more effectively. For the most part, it is the best fit in nearly all situations that women handle accounts of other women,  men those of other men, gays those of other gays, etc…

The pay can range from a hundred or so dollars a month for one client that has purchased the minimum service offered, to a few hundred for a more comprehensive package. This varies depending on what agency you choose to work for or if you choose to freelance your services. Freelancing can be more lucrative, but it also can take a fair amount of time to build a solid reputation that pulls in high end clients which is why many successful freelancers begin with an agency. It may not be an ideal job for everyone, but for a person with the right personality and demand it can be financially rewarding with some full-time virtual daters handling several clients reporting annual incomes over $60,000 annually.


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