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10 dream jobs in a bad economy – or any economy!

Posted by mandyf on July 29, 2011

Nearly everyone in the world needs to work – it’s the only way most people can get their hands on money. Some people go to school until they have a pile of degrees stacked to the moon – metaphorically speaking – hoping that will land them their dream job. Some are blessed with physical gifts that make them millions as professional athletes, or the talent to act, or something very unique few are suited to in order to garner their riches. Most people however settle into what is available and covers the bills. Sometimes they even learn to like it, or at least tolerate it.

Then there are some people that land dream jobs most people would kill for that don’t fit into the above categories. They do not require a wealth of education, or require anything illegal, or even require doing much of anything. Best of all is they pay pretty damn good usually. The odds are you will never land these dream jobs, but you can always keep your eyes open and try – and remember – these are actual honest to goodness real jobs people are paid to do.

Photo by Bidgee

10. Waterslide Tester

Tom Lynch is a man that tests waterslides for a living. Over the course of a year he travels some 27,000 miles to slide. He rates the water quality, pressure, height, speed, safety, and anything that goes into making a great waterslide. His job may have him in Greece one week, Florida the next, and then off to France. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

9. Google Bicyclist/Photographer
Google Street View Maps do not get 3-D images by sheer magic. There are actual people that ride bikes around historic cities like Paris, France, that spend their day snapping photos of points of interest from as many angles as possible. The hours are good, the photos needed are many, and there is no desk or boss over your shoulder all day.

8. Director of Fun

The York national Rail Museum has a position that is actually named the director of fun. Sam Pointon, who is 6 years old, is the current director of fun based on his extensive knowledge of and love for his personal train set. In reality, young Sam is just the honorary director, but there is an actual adult that is paid to fill that role and make sure the museum is fun.

7.  World of Warcraft Tester

WOW like any other game needs testers. It is how bugs are identified before being shipped or going live, and assessing what is or isn’t possible, or whether the game has the right mix of easy and challenging aspects to keep people happy. For WOW freaks, this is a dream job – you will be paid to play – and play you will as you have to spend a minimum of 4 hours a day doing just that. Contrary to popular belief, they regularly have tester positions open, but most people assume the applicant pool is so huge they have no shot – and in reality they really might land it just for applying.

Design by Havok

6. Candy Taster

This sounds like a great job – and it does come with dental – but how much candy can you really taste test before you barf? Luckily, the main task of a candy taster is to try out new candy and a random sampling from batches to make sure that they are consistent with how they should taste before being wrapped and shipped out.

5. Wine Taster and Blogger

Hardy Wallace of Atlanta, Georgia, was hired to taste wine and blog about it. It really was nothing more than that. For that, Murphy-Goode Winery paid him $10,000/month for 6 months and paid his rent as well while he was staying in wine country drinking and blogging. That’s not a bad deal.

Photo by TwoWings

4. Condom tester

This sounds like the perfect job – but don’t quit the one you’re at. It only pays a $60 assortment of condoms and $1,000 bonus to the tester that provides the best feedback. This is not a career, but it provides some potentially good pick-up lines. I mean who would refuse helping you test condoms in the name of saving lives?

3. Professional Prostitute Tester

Jaime Rascone of Santiago, Chile, helps make ends meet by having sex performing quality control in a brothel. Before women are hired, Jaime serves as the final step in the application process. It must be tough to wake up in the morning and know you have to go to work and make your money having women willing to satisfy your every kinky sexual desire to land a job is ahead of you. It is so tough in fact, he can only “interview” applicants once a month citing the strain it puts on him as the reason.

2. Island Caretaker

Some 35,000 people applied for the job of caretaker for Hamilton Island located in the Great Barrier Reef. The job is only a six month contract and it only pays $111,000 so it is tough to see what is attractive about it. You have to wake up everyday in a puny 3 bedroom villa, and spend your time swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, walking, testing the spa and cuisine, and generally living the island life so you can write an accurate blog promoting the island to tourists.

Image by JoJan

1. Luxury Bed Tester
It is hard to believe, but a few lucky people are paid to sleep and maybe even do…stuff…to test out how comfortable high end beds are. You would have to assess the quality of your sleep, and what made that sleep so good as well as the aesthetics of the bed, whatever else anyone wants to know about why you do or do not like a certain bed. Sign me up! It only pays a thousand pounds, but you’re being paid to sleep in some of the best beds in world. It’s not a bad deal.




10 Responses to “10 dream jobs in a bad economy – or any economy!”

  1. Bob Warren said

    Have a Rock and Roll Wednesday!

  2. Anne Thomas said

    Island caretaker sounds fun!

  3. I’d take be the Island Caretaker, especially if I could have company visit! ; )

  4. Mott said

    I’ll take the Luxury Bed Tester!

  5. Christian said

    I applied for the island caretake job, but alas… so I changed to the pros tester, was way too exausting and ended as the bed tester for recovering. As you can see I’m somewhat prone for the horizontal business.

  6. I’m with Anne, Island caretaker would be my dream job….:) I could take long walks and cook great meals and between all that I could write 300 words a day….now that’s what I want to do.

  7. mandyf said

    Wouldn’t we all? It seems so relaxing.

  8. mandyf said

    I like that you have a plan! There is nothing wrong with being horizontal!

  9. sallykwitt said

    Very interesting. How to choose?!?

  10. wow what a pick-up line “No really I get paid test bed sweetie I need your help tonight 🙂 “

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