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Will an orgasm a day keep the doctor away?

Posted by mandyf on July 28, 2011

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Is the key to good health and reducing the risk of cancer having orgasms? If it is, then we all have the perfect excuse to get it on with heightened vigor and regularity. Maybe hookers could even be covered under health plans this way. Imagine going for your annual and then getting an exam that comes with a happy ending – just to help reduce the risk of cancer. Sign me up for a health plan that calls for more sex and gives me a legitimate reason to be able to write off a sybian and 80-90 tubes of lube. And a few new strap-ons. Maybe that dildo that looks a lot like the old McD’s character Grimace too. Maybe that is really Grimace. Any job in a tough economy. Anyway, on with the science.

Phot by Jesster79 - A baby Grimace?

According to several studies, having an orgasm certainly doesn’t hurt a person’s overall health. While it certainly isn’t a panacea, it looks like having a healthy dose of orgasms can at least help people maintain better health than without them. The psychological benefits of orgasms have been studied at great length and always come back with the result that they are mood elevators, but the physical impact of orgasms has only really been studied clinically the last twenty five years or so, and that is what will be focused on.

Photo by Artem Kuznetsov - Low cost sex therapists?

Since everyone is hopefully aware of what an orgasm is and has their fair share of them, let’s look at the key areas of physical health that are improved by having orgasms, and why they are at the least speculated to be beneficial to each.

Breast health is improved with orgasms in regards to reducing the risk of breast cancer – and that goes for men as well as women as men are susceptible to breast cancer as well. Oxytocin is released during orgasms as well as when women lactate. Oxytocin has been linked through studies dating back to 1995 to help remove carcinogens from breast milk which is indicative of lowering how prone to breast cancer a person is. Since men in general do not lactate, and women generally only do for a small portion of their life, the best way to get oxytocin to the breasts is by having an orgasm.

A pair of studies conducted independent of each other in 2003 and 2004 found that in middle aged men who were sexually active from their early 20’s through their late 40’s (sexually active defined as averaging 4 orgasms per week), the risk of prostate cancer was reduced by as much as 1/3 over men who ejaculated less. Any way you slice, cutting your risk of prostate cancer by that significant a number is a big deal and good reason to have more sex.

Orgasms are good for your heart as well. When you orgasm, one of the many hormones released is DHEA which naturally clears your arteries. Clear arteries transport blood more efficiently and reduce strain on the heart because it does not need to work as hard to do its job. DHEA is produced with or without having an orgasm, but in a 2001 study of 1700 men, those whom had a regular dose of orgasms as opposed to those who didn’t were 60% less likely to contend with heart disease.

Photo by Tomas Castelazo: Would they accept Medicaid here?

In women, orgasms have been linked to greatly increasing their threshold for pain – by most estimates an orgasm actually doubles it. The manner the study is carried out to determine that is a little graphic for some so it will be omitted, but it is consistent with all that is known about the amazing ability of the female body to kick hormones into overdrive to withstand the massive pain involved with natural child birth that would otherwise be nearly fatal in some cases.

Doctors are not quite at the point where they are ready to start writing prescriptions for orgasms, but the benefits of a healthy sexually active lifestyle are well documented. While some still consider discussions of orgasms to be taboo, they are natural and serve a purpose beyond procreation. It does not mean people should run around being irresponsible with their sexual activities, it simply means that people with a normal sex life that regularly enjoy orgasms reap psychological and physical benefits for their efforts that those who do not miss out on.


http://www.body-philosophy.net/Why_Orgasms_Are_Good_ For_Your_Health




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