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Atlantic Bedding and Furniture of Marietta GA – How can we screw you today?

Posted by mandyf on July 17, 2011

Having recently moved, my partner and I knew we needed plenty of furniture to fill up our home which has more square footage than both of our previous homes combined. We found Atlantic Bedding and Furniture on Craig’s List – and after a little digging around felt comfortable with them. It is a fairly big chain, there were mostly decent reviews and their were a few locations near where we live. Needing three rooms of furniture and not wanting to barf up a lung to buy it, we decided to give them a try.

The store nearest our home was closed for 2 weeks as the family that runs it went on vacation. Driving 45 minutes or so to Marietta didn’t seem like a big deal so we loaded up the young ‘uns and went to that location. The salesman we dealt with over the phone to get a little info, Ryan, seemed like a pretty nice knowledgeable guy. He even called us before we left to let us know there was some serious road construction going on so we might want to avoid the highway if we could. we both thought at the same “how freakin’ cool of him!” Then we actually got there.

Ryan was still somewhat helpful but seemed a little “off” when it came to dealing with a same-sex couple. Nothing abusive mind you, just a little “eww.” My feeling was “who cares?” I was there for bargains on furniture, not to make the frickin’ salesman happy. Eventually we settled on a combination of furniture that was within the package deal and thought we were ready to go. This is where we should have backed off and noticed they run a half-ass business at this particular location.

We wanted to finance some of the furniture – which they advertise no credit check, no blah blah blah, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Well there is plenty of bullshit because when they take all of your information and submit it to their income verification firm they work with (which you pay for) they can’t give you an immediate or even speedy answer in the morning because – they use a firm in Utah that is on MST and does not open until 10am – that’s noon for everyone on the east coat. Okay no big deal except that Ryan apparently had no idea this was how things worked so we sat waiting and waiting  until this revelation was discovered.

Okay fine, no big deal.

Except that then we discover the dining room set is not in stock so it will have to be delivered separately or we can wait a week or two until it is in stock and then have everything delivered together. We, meaning my partner, “convinced” him that we would get all the in stock furniture right away and they would deliver the out of stock furniture later at no charge. Ryan agreed to this and we thought everything was cool. We went home after running a few errands only to find that super-salesman Ryan lost some of the paperwork so the financing was not completed and wondered if maybe we could handle the dealings with their finance company on our own. Getting very frustrated now…Sure, no problem… Dipshit….

The next day came and the financing issue was resolved by my partner no thanks to Ryan the increasingly incompetent asshole. We call in to make sure we will get our delivery. We were assured we would get it first thing in the morning after they load the truck up. This is where it gets really pathetic. It gets so sad you would think the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture owners would want to launch these clowns out of the chain like a Ray Guy punt due to their incompetence.

Late in the afternoon – or early evening depending on your perspective – the fucking truck finally arrives. A pickup truck. Not a proper delivery truck. Not a pickup with side panels – even homemade ones – just a regular ol’ pickup. Not even an extended bed heavy duty one – just a regular fuckin’ pickup truck. The driver was a nice guy, and the dog that rode with him was cute but not capable of carrying the furniture into the house with it’s master. So we watch the guy struggle to get a few things in and then reach the same conclusion -“If we don’t help this fucking guy he is going to drop all of our shit and break it or try to sue us if he drops all of our shit and falls down.”  There was no fucking way this guy was getting the couch inside without help – none. Never mind the dressers, mattress and everything else. For this we paid $75? We had to actually unload the fucking truck too? They can’t afford a fucking warm body from outside of the Home Depot or some shit to just be a fucking extra hand? Ludicrous!!!

Now we have everything in the house – un-assembled -except for the dining room set and – the bed rails. So we call in and Steve, a salesman at the location we briefly saw a few moments while there,  assured us that it was a mistake and bed rails are most definitely supposed to be with the furniture we received. Okay fine…put them on the “truck” when you deliver our dining room set.

A week passes….

“Is there any word on the rest of our furniture arriving?” Lo and behold there was! it was actually there and it would be delivered on Friday. Then it was changed to Saturday because it was raining (somewhere in the world) on Friday. They had so many deliveries in fact they were going to rent a real truck to make them on Saturday. After a second call for clarification, it was confirmed it would be there by 5pm. Ryan, the total dipshit salesman, then said that  Steve was wrong and bed rails are never considered a part of a bedroom set and that they cost $80. My partner politely told him to (read btw the lines of course) get his face pumped like a bitch. That got the price down to $20 which is still bullshit but better than where we started – in a way.

Saturday arrives – Harry Potter day! No one in our home can go to Harry Potter though because these fucktards that promised a delivery didn’t make it and then didn’t call to tell us they wouldn’t make it. So Sunday arrives…and we still don’t have all of our fucking furniture after tossing down some $600+ as a down payment…. I am very pissed off….

Around 2pm Sunday I call Atlantic Bedding and Furniture in Marietta and get the voicemail. “Hey, this is Mandy at (fill in the identifying info) and I want to know where the fuck my bed rails and dining room set is. I am going to call all of the local news affiliates and tell them how you are ripping off the lesbian couple whom you do not agree with. I will call the ACLU and tell them the same story and how it is motivated by your dislike of gays. I think it is bullshit you are trying to charge us extra for shit we already paid for. I will put you in every fucking ripoff report I can find. I want my fucking furniture!

At about 3pm, this very same day as I sit writing this, Ryan called. I let my partner take the call because I was a little perturbed at the moment. So it appears we don not have to pay the $20 we “had to” just yesterday. So we’re still sitting here, now at 3:45 waiting on the truck Ryan said he personally helped load and get on the road. To kill time we are discussing deadbeat dads, people that bitch about how bad the people they associate are to them only to go back for more abuse, and my stunning onesie sleeper that features Tweety Bird. it really does look just as good during the day as it does at night. Still though…we wait….

It feels foolish to wait considering that the Marietta Atlantic Bedding and Furniture has fucked us three times before already on deliveries. Finally Trey showed up, with everything we were due and he actually brought it all into the house by himself. He left, everything was cool and we started to put our dining room set together – or was it all cool?

About ten minutes after we closed the front door and got to work, someone rang our bell – the door bell. It was Trey again with a cellphone in his hand. Before we even opened the door I said “Oh hell no! I am not giving him $20!” My partner opened the door and politely greeted Trey. He said:

“UH I was supposed to collect $20 for the bed rails…”

Before finishing the statement I laid into him with “Oh hell no! We got screwed over since Friday waiting for phantom deliveries, Call Ryan and ask him about that…..”

And the love of my life  nailed him with ” I don’t think so. Ryan said we were good. We did not owe $20. Ryan said we were good.”

After getting a double barrel facial of kiss my ass, Trey slowly backed away and said it was cool and went about his business. Evidently, when he called in that he completed the delivery and was heading to the next, Ryan, the soiled diaper of a sales thing, told Trey to try to go collect the money he had no right to charge in the first place and lacked the balls to ask for himself. Ryan, the cankerous anal lesion lacking said balls, wound up being as honest and forthcoming in our dealings with Atlantic Bedding and Furniture in Marietta as the wannabe afterbirth of a bastard rat left to ferment in a jar of diabetic hobo urine.

The good thing is that the quality of the furniture was acceptable. For what was paid I do not feel totally terrible about the whole thing. What pisses me off is that Atlantic Bedding and Furniture salesman Ryan of the Marietta store was a douche. He smiled a lot and said things that a customer would want to hear, but in the end he never delivered on anything. He bullshitted everything and then tried to sneak in add-ons wherever he could. In all actuality, I really do not enjoy being so harsh toward someone trying to make a living, but when you lie your ass off to the point it is screwing up my family’s life insofar as being tethered to the house waiting for shit that never comes – I get pissed off. Ryan has piss poor customer service, he is full of shit and he lays every screwup he makes and lie he gets caught in off on someone else. That is why we will never go to the Atlantic Bedding and Furniture in Marietta again or patronize anyplace that employs Ryan.

The final analysis is – Good enough furniture for the price, questionable delivery practices, lousy financing company, at least one shitty salesman named Ryan.


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