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Toddlers & Tiaras Parents – Parenting Gone Wrong

Posted by mandyf on July 13, 2011

Well into the fourth season of the TLC show “Toddlers & Tiaras”, the jury is still out on whether or not this is a proper show for television and as importantly whether or not these children are being exploited to a degree that they will suffer long term and potentially insurmountable  developmental damage.  On one side of the fence sits parents of wannabe beauty queens, their “support staffs” and the pageant directors and industry people. On the other side are lines of psychologists and people that work with sex offenders warning that shows like Toddlers & Tiaras over sexualize children and create the potential for seriously emotionally damaged children.

Dr. Nancy Irwin, an LA based psychotherapist had the following to say about Toddlers & Tiaras: “ As a treatment professional of sex offenders as well as victims of sexual abuse, I would like the parents of these little girls to assume responsibility for their choices. They are sexualizing young children. Do not be surprised if your child is preyed upon as a result of this high degree of visibility.”

Comparatively, Annette Hill, founder of Universal Royal Child and Baby Beauty Pageants which is the organization featured on TLC has an obviously different perspective. “Pageants allow for quality family time, everyone is involved, and everyone gets to go out for dinner together and travel together and it promotes positive self esteem…Besides, what is wrong with showing off your beautiful talented daughter to the world?”

There is obviously something wrong with beauty pageants for children and particularly with toddler beauty pageants. The world has changed, and while these beauty contests for children may have been more innocent 40 years ago, in the digital world it is nothing short of child exploitation and borderline pornography. It is spank material for legions of pedophiles that simply cannot wait to audition their new “O” face in front of the mirror. It is parenting on display at it’s damn near lowest point and “entertainment’ for the lowest common denominator. While that view is the opinion of the author, it is a view that is shared by many. To illustrate why this is true, let’s look at some of the parents and see just what kind whack jobs we are dealing with.

Stephanie Miller began entering her daughter Roni in pageants at the seasoned age of 11 months old. Of course at that age, it was Stephanie’s decision to enter Roni in pageants as Roni was otherwise preoccupied with normal 11 month old activities like cooing and pooping in her diaper. Now a veteran of the circuit at almost 3 years old, Roni is all in just loving her spray on tans and big hair wigs and extensions because her natural blond locks are too thin to win and unsatisfactory according to mom.

Unfortunately, Stephanie has turned her poor daughter into what is essentially a prostitot. Parading around on stage with more makeup on than clothes in some instances, little Roni shoots the judges a wink and her best come hither look and gesture that can only be described  as gut wrenching and fully disturbing. As awful as this is, there is far worse not only on the circuit but on T&T as well.

Holly’s mom feels like it is never too young to learn how to shave. As a result, Holly is already shaving her legs at seven years old – not because she is growing so much hair or dark hair that requires it, but rather because it is an effective means to get her spray-on tan to adhere better.  Holly does not seem all that excited about the project, but what can she do? A pale beauty pageant contestant is no contestant at all. But hey, it’s not like she’s being forced to parade herself around like a tart in a tiara, she does it all because it is such good family bonding time and it makes mom so happy! Hey – maybe they can go out to dinner together afterward! Awesome bonding and family time!

“Beauty is pain!!!!!” Aubrey’s mom has said this more than once as she teases, plucks, tapes, shaves, bleaches and spray tans her ten year old daughter to victory – or an unsatisfactory second place. At least at ten Aubrey can tell her mother to piss off, not that it seems to do any good but she can. Still, that is not as bad as Cassiday’s mother who is Satan incarnate.

Cassiday’s mom, whom we will refer to as “Mega-Twat” is the embodiment of failed parenting and a total lack of conscience mixed with a self entitled ego that can only be satisfied by living vicariously through others as the best part of her was left as a stain on the backseat of a Nash Rambler. This is a woman that looks like the love child of Jabba the Hutt and some sort of spung monkey with whatever was wrung out into the bucket the mop boy at peep show world carries around. How she can judge her own daughter on camera as not being good enough is a mystery. Someone needs to call child protective services on this crazy bitch.

Karmen’s mom is a stain that cannot be wiped away with any amount of disinfectant or bleach. Karmen is a beautiful young child jut as she is. When her mother takes out the mortar trowel to slather on makeup, spray on tans that are so unnatural Karmen turns caramel and wears outfit’s a twenty year old prostitute would be embarrassed to work the stroll in – something is not right! This is as perfect an example as you will find that it has nothing to do with true beauty or childhood when it comes to these little Ms. Tramp contests – it’s fake teeth, fake hair, fake tans, fake nails, and fake smiles. It is even possible to go so far as to say fake boobs too because yes, some of these little tiny girls have moms who stuff their little diva’s bras thinking that it is not only natural for a 4 year old to wear a bra but natural for them to stuff them to the point of having an actual rack. Don’t forget the fake butts – a couple have been spotted as no 5 year old has a natural J-Lo booty and hips usually reserved for those whom have already given birth.

Jay and Lori Matthews’ son Braxton is a pageant prince – as boys on the circuit are called. While he may be a prince, his parents are no king and queen unless you mean his father is a closet queen and his mother is a royal pain in the ass. This is a woman – that in front of her child no less – expressed her concern about having a mixed race child and how that would affect his hair! Not his social integration or identity- his freaking hair! This bucktooth Bambi from the trailer is more concerned about whether her mulatto baby would have good hair or “pubes” from the father’s “bad genes” than if the child is healthy or well adjusted. Way to go!

Not to be outdone, they have a little girl from one of Lori’s (the “mom”) previous excursions as a sperm receptacle. Poor Alaska is constantly put down and told she is not as good as  her brother Braxton who would in his mother’s opinion not only make a better and prettier girl than Alaska but every girl on the pageant circuit. They tell their children that they are not strippers, but to “shake your butt a little bit.”

Lori, Satan in disguise, said of her daughter; “ Let’s see how she does and hopefully she accepts defeat or failure with a smile on her face.” After pitting her children against each other with not only the expectation her daughter would lose, but what seemed to be a genuine hope that her daughter would lose and lose miserably, little Alaska went on to beat the crap out of her brother Braxton who seemed as interested in the pageant as  the guy who burns barrels of shit out in the desert camps is about his job every morning.

Another sign that these are douchebags masquerading as parents. Is when they basically forced her to get her eyelashes dyed because she cries prior to pageants often enough that it makes her mascara run and ruins her makeup. Just for starters – If your kid CRIES that often before these stupid fucking pageants that you need to chemically alter the color of her eyelashes to hide it – the child is NOT FUCKING PLEASED ABOUT THE PROJECT!!!! You have to be a total asshole to make the child go through this time after time – especially considering you keep going on the record saying you think your child is a loser that cannot win!

As completely hosed up as Jay and his beard are, Little Hayden and Maverick may have it worst of all. Their mother, Heather of Anna, Texas, stated “When I see little girls I always think that I could turn my little boys into girls.” This chick is crazy – batshit crazy! This demented skag has got to sleep hanging upside down! Check out the key phrases she spouts during her interview time on Toddlers & Tiaras:

“I wanted my boys to start competing in pageants.”
“These are my girls (Hayden and Maverick) that I never had, so I’ll just turn them into girls.”
“We used to take photographs at least once a month and it‘s usually non-traumatic during the photo shoot..”
“I don’t consider myself a pageant mom because I have a lot of background in child development.”

Here’s the thing about this potted plant that obviously absorbed a bit too much peroxide through her scalp – if she truly was involved in child development professionally in any way then she would clearly know that forcing gender roles on a child is unhealthy. Yes she does keep her boys dressed as boys, but in every other regard she treats them like little girls even telling them they are the little girls she wanted – read btw the lines as you suck as you are so I will change you into something closer to my perception of myself – sorry for screwing up your whole life. Another thing about this bucktooth hillbilly that married up is that she always talks about how these pageants are what she wants or how “we” do things, but it is never “we” doing anything, it is her kids doing something and her standing there criticizing it.

Some of the fathers are even worse because you can see on their faces and hear in their words that they do not actually want their kids in these pageants but are too p-whipped to say anything to their wives because they are just as controlled by these overbearing pageant bitches as the kids are. What makes them worse is that as adults and parents they should be standing up to protect their children and acting like they have a pair that isn’t carried in their wives handbags. Instead they bend over and take it right in the ass while begging for some table scraps and the promise of a handi-J that will never come. In the days of old these emasculated hunks of rotting flesh would barely be fit as court eunuchs.

The shows producers defend each episode saying they are merely documenting what is already going on and that they are not encouraging any bad behavior nor presenting anyone as a model parent. The problem is that the majority of inbred back alley crab muffins watching a show like this will at times get the same idea some of these hagged out buffers got:

1. My child is the perfect conduit to live out the dreams I could never achieve on my own.
2. My child is my property and I will do with it what I please.
3. My child is a winning lottery ticket waiting to be scratched! If I push hard enough then maybe I can cash it in and never have to worry about working again or needing credit to finish off my HSN Trailer Babies doll collection.
4. I’m a bitch and I like forcing my will on people that can’t fight back – this looks perfect to me!

Any way you slice it, it is hard to find the positives in these toddler pageants.  The money the parents spend to win anything almost always falls short of any prizes that may be won. I cannot imagine a child that is unable to speak yet professing in a definitive way she wants to be tarted up and trotted out in front of judges as a form of entertainment. Hell, in some cases the only thing that seems to separate first place from second place in some of these pageants rests solely on which child doesn’t crap their diaper – or does it the least. More often than not it seems as if the only time you see any of the kids smiling is when they are forcing one out to show off their veneered teeth to the judges. Usually you see them complaining about being tired, bored or something the parent is forcing upon them to be aesthetically “pleasing” hurts.

Pageants are not wrong in every instance. Some parents wait until kids are old enough to decide on their own whether they want to participate or not. Some parents are decent enough to not make their kids feel like crap for not allowing them to live vicariously through them. Some parents have enough sense to say enough is enough and not go to the extremes of near complete modification to compete. It’s about having some common sense as to right and wrong and actually employing it – a concept the parents TLC chooses to highlight in the parents, and by proxy children, they whore out for a few extra tenths of a rating point and some extra revenue on those coveted Massengil douche ads. Way to drop to a new low TLC!


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