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How pornography can be healthy in a relationship

Posted by mandyf on April 19, 2009

Contrary to what many people believe, pornography can actually be healthy in a relationship. Most people tend to think of pornography in the seediest of terms, however not all adult material is like that. While the industry has evolved from it’s earlier offerings in some niches, it has been found to be a nice addition to many relationships because it does offer certain avenues to keeping things open and lively.

When we discuss pornography as a part of a healthy relationship, it is not of the nature of one partner watching it alone, but rather the couple enjoying it together. When a couples views a film for example there can be a wide variety of reactions to it. Mutual viewing can be stimulating, and if your relationship has been lacking in the sex department it can provide a nice jump start to opening that door back up. There is no denying a healthy sex life is a cornerstone to a healthy relationship, so this is a perfectly reasonable way to keep those desires riding high.

Viewing pornography together can be the way to bring up fantasies one partner may be hesitant to talk about. Not all couples find talking about sex easy, especially if they have some fantasy that may be a bit off the beaten path. Even little things like one partner having a desire to see what being spanked by their partner might be like can at times be something they just have no idea how to bring up or initiate in their lovemaking. By viewing a film that may have a scene depicting that activity it provides a natural opening to bring it up in conversation and gauge how your partner feels about it, and whether or not they may be willing to give it whirl.

The preceding example brings to light a major potential benefit which is that it opens up the lines of communication. The absence of communication in any area of a relationship is something that needs to be addressed and sex is a major part of a relationship. Even if you just…..Read the rest here


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