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Musician profile: Kid Rock

Posted by mandyf on April 11, 2009

Kid Rok, born Robert James Ritchie, on January 17, 1971 in Romeo, Michigan has become a music icon over his eighteen years in the industry. Very few performers have enjoyed the massive crossover appeal of Kid Rock who has enjoyed success in the genres of Rap/Hip Hop, rock, metal, aountry, and now the blues. It would seem there is nothing Kid Rock takes on that he doesn’t succeed at in his professional life which is a bit of a contrast to his all too public personal struggles at times. With one of the most diverse fan bases in all of music Kid Rock (KR) looks like he will be a major player for as long as he wants to.

Kid Rock grew up in what most would describe as a typical small town backdrop. His father owned a car dealership, his family was not marred by divorce or any known major problems, and KR was generally a normal teen aside from what was a undeniable talent for music and performing. By the age of 19 he had a major label deal with Jive Records under whom he released Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast. Nobody is ever going to say it was his best work, but Jive didn’t support the album or KR giving him an honest chance to make it. At the time another rapper known as Vanilla Ice hit the seen and the executives at Jive felt there was only room for one white rapper and dropped him without so much as a second thought.

Kid wasn’t out of work for long and signed on with Continuum Records and released two albums, Plyfuze Method and Fire it up before they went bankrupt. Kid realized nobody was beating the door down to sign him and the deals that were offered were nearly worthless. Out of options he formed his own label called Top Dog Records. he spent what little spare time he had teaching himself to play the guitar so he could move beyond being solely known as a rapper and dee-jay. Nobody can say KR didn’t pay his dues to make things work, he worked as a janitor and even collected bottles and cans for their deposit value to help pay for studio time. When he needed more time than he had money he bartered whatever services he could to make things work. To say he was operating on a shoestring is an understatement. The only financial help he accepted along the way was a loan from his father to help press his recording of Early Morning Stoned Pimp, and set up a showcase to display his new sound and talents to record executives. Atlantic Records immediately signed KR, no other label  accepted his invitation.

Atlantic realized immediate rewards as his debut with…read the rest here


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