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Tips to keep your cat entertained

Posted by mandyf on December 21, 2008

In many regards cats are like people. Our feline friends are especially similar to us in the sense that they hate to be bored. Keeping your cat entertained does not mean constantly engaging them in activity, every cat owner knows they love their independence and will walk away from you as soon as they are bored. Finding a good balance between entertaining them in a hands on manner as well as providing them with plenty to do on their own isn’t hard nor is it expensive. Cats fully believe they are as regal as they look, and as such expect the royal treatment!

Cat’s, especially those which are strictly indoor family members, love to know what is going on outside. They love sitting in the windowsill watching the world. If you don’t have a windowsill they can sit in, all major pet stores and venues like Wal-Mart offer perches that attach tp the window sill so they can hop up and get a front row seat of all the action in padded comfort. If you aren’t in a very high traffic area consider doing something to draw traffic, ie, a birdfeeder which gives them visitors everyday. A little container with some cat grass they can nibble is a nice addition here.

Make sure they have plenty of areas to climb without getting hurt or destroying your possessions. Cats love getting into everything and climbing and leaping are great forms of exercise for inoor cats. Picking up some “kitty condos” that provide them with ramps, perches, and cubby holes to hide in are a great way for them to enjoy many of their favorite activities. These are inexpensive to buy and easy to build if you want to make your own designs. A little lumber and carpet is all it takes to make a first class complex. These will keep your cat entertained on their own everyday without them getting bored or having no choice but resorting to exploring your china hutch everyday. You’ll also want to try to make sure they have places to hide. Cats love hiding under and behind sofas, beds, chairs, and anyplace they can feel completely safe.

Make sure your cat has plenty of scratching posts. They not only like scratching, they need to scratch, even cat’s which have been declawed. It feels good to them and it helps remove litter or tiny foreign objects which have lodged in between the pads on their paws. This will also keep them from using every piece of furniture you own for this purpose as well.

Your cat won’t require a lot of elaborate or store bought toys to stay busy. Very simple inexpensive things can keep them on…Read the rest here at: http://www.helium.com/items/1266642-tips-to-keep-your-cat-entertained


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