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How to avoid credit card impulse spending

Posted by mandyf on December 6, 2008

All impulse spending is dangerous but credit card impulse spending is like ingesting a poisin that takes years to work through your system. You may have resolved time and again you wouldn’t let yourself get caught making that last second purchase of a “to die for” outfit you just happened to pass on the way to the checkout. You may have sworn countless times you wouldn’t keep plugging those numbers into the little box on your screen to buy that must have knick knack you are convinced will pull the entire living room together. You may have promised yourself a lot of things when it comes to curbing impulse spending with your credit cards, but what have you really done about it?

Most people don’t have the discipline to leave their little plastic friends at home when they go out and there are legitimate reasons you should have them handy just in case of an emergency. Actually you don’t need the card, just the numbers. If you are truly using your card for just an emergency the numbers can be input on the processing terminal so long as you have proper identification. I know what you’re thinking, that is a tremendous pain! You are absolutely correct, it is a tremendous pain, so much so in fact that you won’t want to go through the lengthy process with a line backing up behind you just to make an impulse purchase. You will learn to operate with just the cash you have on hand.

Many people feel that is unreasonable and toss the idea as soon as they hear it. There is however another way to go about the process. There are some people that find that…Read the rest here at:  http://www.helium.com/items/1257691-how-to-avoid-credit-card-impulse-spending


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