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Celebrity profile: Dennis Miller

Posted by mandyf on December 6, 2008

Dennis Miller entered the world in the usual way on November 3, 1953 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began living a very unusual life. Not much is known about his dad due to an early separation from his mother Norma who was a dietician, but what we do know about him, or more accurately what he has chosen to share with us is more than enough to get an idea of who Dennis Miller is. Just who that man is, is more than just a comedian, commentator, or celebrity, but a genuine guy that turned the gift of gab and a keen eye into a career entertaining and informing us on every issue under the sun.

Looking back on Dennis’ early life it seemed he could go one of two ways, entertainment or an insane assylum. The often discussed story of his job at a deli is true. As it has often been told, Dennis was once left alone and told to “cover everything.” That is exactly what he did, he covered everything…in saran wrap! The counter, the register, the time clock, and basically anything that didn’t move. It was fairly obvious he didn;t have the makeup for the 9 to 5 world nor that he was thinking along the same lines as everyone else.

By the time he entered college he admitted to modeling himself after the charachter “Booger” from the movie Revenge of the Nerds. He often said he made Booger look as suave and refined as the tv charachter Remmington Steele. When it came to what he was actually doing while attending Point Park University there are two things that are undisputed, aside from his slobbish tendancies that is, he was a brother in the Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity and he was studying journalism. Journalism has served Miller well throughout his career although it is worth noting he chose that major based on watching the movie All The President’s Men. It was the investigation or the molding of words that drew him to journalism but more the fact that Robert Redford looked cool. That is classic Dennis Miller.

As the 1970’s moved on so did Dennis and he began cutting his teeth in the standup comedy world in Pittsburgh. Even then he wasn’t an over the top guy like Steve martin with an arrow through his head or just flat ot insanely genius like Andy Kaufman, but a slightly less refined version of the same comic we see today. It’s no secret he wasn’t the type of guy that looked like he was going to be a headliner, he was good, very good in fact, but he wasn’t what the masses seemed to want at that time. Finally Miller got his break by winning Playboy magazines Joke of the Year contest with the following submission: ” The difference between Group Therapy and Group Sex is that … Read the rest here at: http://www.helium.com/items/1257894-dennis-miller


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