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The Best Sharks for saltwater fish tanks

Posted by mandyf on November 28, 2008

Adding a shark to your saltwater fish tank is a great way to make it truly unique and spark conversation whenever a new guest arrives in your home. A lot of what shark is proper for you depends on your tank and since there is so much variation in that area what we will explore here are what sharks are suitable for your home aquarium in general. There are several that can be tried but require great care which tends to leading towards a low survival rate, There are however three breeds with good survival rates which make them the only real choices.

The Eppaulette shark (Hemisyllium ocellatum) is nearly ideal for a home saltwater aquarium. It has a great unique look and rarely grows much above 36″. This of course means you need a fairly large tank to keep it healthy and happy but if you’re in the market for any shark you’re well aware of that. The Eppaulette shark is primarily a bottom dweller and as it comes from the waters of Australia it is pretty expensive to both obtain, import, and safely ship abroad. Still when you consider it has a great survival rate and is fairly easy to care for it is a great choice.

Like the Eppaulette shark, the Port Jackson shark (heterodontus portusjacksoni) also comes from Australia so the same issues regarding getting this shark outside that nation apply. They have a great look that is an immediate attention grabber. The Port Jackson shark grows to about 36″ as well amd requires a medium to large tank even more so than the Eppaulette shark. These are primarily nocturnal swimmers that need plenty of room to move about. They enjoy a meaty diet so you must be prepared for a moderately priced feeding bill.

Brownbarbed Bamboo sharks are always popular due to their small size. They do need a fairly large aquarim of at least two feet wide as they like to be active and are also happiest with other large fish in the tank. They should not however be housed with trigger fish or similar tank mates. They should be fed a diet of clams, squid, and silversides and require a sandy or fine gravel based bottom in their tank. They are fairly easy to care for and very economical for most people to purchase.

Please be aware that you may see people offer Leopard sharks and Nurse sharks for sale but their sale and possesion is illegal now. Leopard sharks under three feet in length may not be removed from their natural habitat and are really suited to large professional aquariums as they will grow large. Unfortunately their unique spotted beauty led to many young sharkd being poached and then discarded by their owners when they became too large making them endangered. Nurse sharks were once legal, and still are in several countries, but not in the U.S. and many European nations.

There are other sharks which may or may not survive a home based saltwater tank, however it the odds are less than fifty percent they survive the intitial transition I have left them off this list. While this may not seem like a large selection the fact is for many years sharks sold for domestic tanks have been regularly discarded by owners when they beging to get too big or too expensive to feed and care for which has led to many being adding to the prohibited for private owvership list with the exception of large professionally staffed aquariums. You can view this here at: http://www.helium.com/items/1182759-sharks-for-saltwater-fish-tanks


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