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Obama and ACORN– Is there really any connection?

Posted by mandyf on October 26, 2008

Forget about all the talk of barack Obama and his alleged and/or real middle east ties just for a moment, and a moment only I stress. If you want to talk about real radicalism look no further than his ties to ACORN. Everyone is pretty well aware of ACORN now just as much as they are Moveon or Code Pink and that ought to tell you something. For years ACORN enjoyed a low profile flying under the radar as a simple group bent only on getting minorities registered to vote and help them exercise their civic rights. Don’t be fooled, ACORN always has been far more insidious than that.

Obama’s ties go back to 1995 with ACORN when he was one attorney on a team handling a case on behalf of ACORN. These first documented early ties weren’t as hand in glove as many tout, this was simply his introduction. Obama did volunteer with ACORN after that as a volunteer trainer and did in fact sit on boards that had connections to ACORN, some a bit of a stretch, some rather tight. That is all that is going to be said about that at the moment, let’s take a closer look at ACORN itself.

In 2003 Sol Stern did an article for the City Journal titled “ACORN’s Nutty regime for cities” which is worht looking at as it was one of the first to blow the lid of the ACORN agenda. ACORN was set up as the modern version of the 1960’s New Left with tactics and rhetorics mirrored with alarming accuracy. Along with that the tactics of the ridiculous National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO) have been taken almost as gospel by ACORN when it comes to getting their voice heard. Aside from tactics the axiom these all hold as true is that Capitalism is unjust and bigger government is better. In this they target large companies like Obama’s once favorite whipping boy Wal-Mart (Whom he incidentally backed off when their purchases from Treehouse Foods became linked to his wife Michelle’s stock options while sitting on their board of directors), living wage drives, welfare rofrom back to the miserably failed 1960’s style, and what they see as predatory lending. Not that it necessarily is, but anytime a minority is denied a loan whether worthy of it or not, or they have to actually put up collateral or pay the “risk rate” for a loan it is tabbed predatory.

As Stern pointed out this is “Undisguised authoritarian socialism.” The living wage campaign drove many businesses out of the communities that needed jobs most Stern pointed out. This was fine with ACORN because now they became even more important to the now jobless and cemented their role as their protector. In return ACORN really does nothing for these people aside from provide near minimum wage- not living wage jobs on a temporary basis to “get the vote out” collecting voter registrations. What is saddening is the people, the now jobless turning to ACORN don’t get what ACORN promises, but rather less than they had before and they actually buy into the party line they are better off than they were before.

To get their platform heard ACORN employs some rather unsavory tactics. In a closed Chicago City Council meeting ACORN literally burst in and disrupted the event refusing to leave until dragged out by the polivce. At a bankers dinner in Baltimore they again burst in causing a disruption with bullhorns, and then sent four busloads of profamity screaming protestors to the mayors home to “demonstrate” in such a horrific way even a baltimore city council memebr that had previously supported ACORN said that went too far over the line to terrorize hs wife and children. Think this is isolated, think again. This is directly from the playbook they use called “Enraging the right” written by John Atlas and Peter Drier. This was supposed to be a rebuttal explaining their tactics and reasoning for them to ACORN supporters they feared may leave the organization amid Stern’s investigation, and oddly enough it upheld every single charge of seedy conduct Stern made. They admit to intimidation of officials, businessmen, and all forms of opposition proudly. They take specific blunt pains to show that intimidation works, it is the most highly effective weapon they have to achieve their goals, and that after such high profile demonstrations their membership rises. Welcome to the New America.

Stern further describes ACORN as the “Invasion of the body snatchers.” They realize they can’t create the change they want wholly from without so they have to get people inside as well. They manner they do this is by creating a hostile enviornment for anyone to run for public office in any area they claim as a stronghold, ie; Chicago. This is where their inside game comes into play. They already got Obama in office successfully and although not as highly placed got a seat on the Alderman Board for a Chicago ACORN leader that ran under the admittedly leftist New party ticket. The grassroots is the way the begin, the launch of an Obama then gives them a higher profile to run more candidates, with Obama support of course, so they can consolidate their power base in key markets where they can then effectively take legislative control. This is their documented strategy, it isn;t up for debate.

When Obama met ACORn isn’t quite so sweet as when Harry met Sally. In fact, Obama’s ACORN connections and records of accomplishment as a community organizer have been laundered more than ill gotten money, which is an appropriate comparison in this case. It is often pointed out that Obama was key in Chicago’s “Friend’s of the Parks” campaign but is that really so? The L.A. Times says not so fast. Obama was indirectly involved, but his real effort was organizing demonstrationsfor South Side residents to push for government sponsored (Yes that means government paid) community improvements. This had almost nithing to do with parks. How about his asbestos cleanup coup he claims as a great victory? Pure pipe dream. Yes he did get vocal about it, yes he is the person that was given credit for it, by ACORN mind you, and yes the asbestos was cleaned up, but no it wasn’t Obama’s efforts that made it so. If the credit goes anywhere it goes to Hazel Johnson a Chicago activist that discovered, publicly uncovered it, and then made the push to have it removed. Obama and ACORN attached themself to it after she marched the ball 95 yards downfield so to speak and used their press machine to take the credit. That has been confirmed again by the L.A. Times refuting Obama’s claims in his book and then ACORN leader Madeleine Talbot. Just because he says he did it doesn’t mean he did.

Talbot has a less than stellar history in case you were wondering, while the Chicago ACORN leader she organized and led protests which regularly landed people in jail and rightfully so. On July 31, 1997 some 200 ACORn protestors stormed the Chicago City Council session on living wages, overturned metal detectors, backed police against the wall and blocked aldermaen arriving late from entering the session. Six were arrested injuries were minor, and in the end they look like fools to rational people. They could have calmly walked in to protest because there was plenty of room and other protestors there already. They hadn’t been denied entry. No, they needed to make a splash and assert them self with :direct action.” Now remember this is the woman that recruited Obama to ACORN. Again, don;t believe me, go throgh the August 1st issues of the Chicago Daily Herald and Tribune to verify.

Obama’s association to ACORN is hardly an accident. Toni Foulks who is a Chicago ACORN leader and sits on ACORN’s National Association Board unashamedly states that Obama was specifically…SPECIFICALLY…sought out for ACORN’s motor voter case upon recalling his earlier work with Talbot. In addition it was cited his annual participation as a KEY figure in ACORN’s annual leadership training seminars was another huge factor. Foulks further said that by 2004 when Obama was making his bid for the Senate he and ACorn were “old friends.”

So what has been the outcome of Obama’s projects and leadership thus far? The park he claims credit for getting built is a run down piece of dirt with drug dealers and thugs. It was abandoned almost immediately which says it wasn’t so important to him nor any great victory. Wal-Mart who was an evil empire in his eyes suddenly became okay and they are bigger than ever, ACORN is tied to suspected voter registration fraud in fifteen states now, and he himself is under a brighter spotlight for all the wrong reasons than any candidate for POTUS has ever been. ACORN may have helped get him where he is, in return they may become our real base of power upon his almost assured election.


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