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The best transsexual dating sites

Posted by mandyf on October 24, 2008

Transsexual dating is rarely if ever easy even with the number of sites catering to the community growing quicker than I ever realized. Like many traditional sites there are good bad, some are just outright horrible and exploitative. Good fortune is slowly smiling on the trans community and a few decent sites which are actually primarily geared for the transsexual person have established a foot hold in the niche. Any tgrl or transman that has been around for awhile knows there is a big difference between a transsexual friendly dating site and an actual transsexual dating site.

There are literally more dating sites billing their services as being trans friendly yet they fail to offer the option of decalring yourself as transsexual. That’s not too friendly to me and that is exactly why you won’t see one of those sites appear on this list regardless of how high they google or how many members they have. Also some sites that bill them self as transsexual dating are really sites geared towards fetish dating. As a transwoman, I do not view myself as an answer to a fetish and find it offensive so as above sites like that won’t appear on my list either. What you will find are honest to goodness transsexual dating sites that really offer you a chance to greet an meet people that undestand you. READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/1177798-transsexual-dating-sites


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