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Political commentary: Senator Obama says that words mean something

Posted by mandyf on October 24, 2008

Political campaigns are built on words, Senator Barack Obama’s is no different from any other candidate in this regard. It is the spoken word which conveys the thoughts and vision for the country a candidate holds. It’s words that show us a candidates past thoughts and to some degree how their thought process has evolved over the years as we cannot all be privy to their actual actions. Obama himself echoed these same sentiments with his “words mean something” stump speech so in keeping with his spirit it would be irresponsible for us to not examine his words and whenever possible actions connected to those words to grasp a better understanding of who this man really is.

Senator Obama said while addressing recent graduates “You’ll have boundless opportunities when you graduate, and it’s very easy to just take that diploma, forget about all this progressive-politics stuff, and go chasing after that big house and large salary.” Examining those woeds and the Senators and his wifes actions paints a picture that he has done exactly that. The multi-million dollar book deal he inked is one indicator that has happened. The dealings with convicted slumlord Tony Rezko to secure a sweetheart deal on his own personal property, a $1.65 million dollar estate is another. Perhaps another indicator that is a bit more damning is his wife Michelle’s appointment to the position of Vice president of not for profit hospital with a $195,000 pay increase within two months of his election. READ THE REST HERE http://www.helium.com/items/1202635-obama-qoutes


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