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Hair removal experiences

Posted by mandyf on October 24, 2008

For many years hair has been my friend and my great enemy. I say this because I love the hair on my head, almost everyone does. I am blessed with a natural wavy curl that looks great but drives me nuts. If ever you want to see a pack of angry women just stop by the beauty parlor when I request a straightening after a cut. Egad the daggers staring down upon me! But hair is also my mortal enemy. More precisely, body hair is my kryptonite.

To help you appreciate my point of view on hair removal it may help to know I’m transsexual. Yes one of those people, the ones that have tried everything in the book to find the best hair removal method in the world. At the time I began this quest I was flat out broke. I was just entering my transitional period and incurred one expense after the other. While hair removal was obviously very high on my list of things to do, it was also very expensive. In fact, electrolysis would cost me more than three surgical procedures including my gender reassignment by the time it was done.

At first I just shaved but this was hardly effective so I began waxing whatever I could which worked fine once I got used to the discomfort but wasn’t a real solution. I tried the laser but after several months and over a thousand dollars it was determined my hair was just a tad to light to respond to the treatment. Of course there was no refund on this failure as it was estimated I may have eradicated nearly fifteen percent of the hair in the area treated. Discouraged I began searching for another solution.

I was a bit leery of spending much money after watching my bank account dwindle so quickly on the great laser experiment, so I made the blunder of all blunders- I turned to the Internet. “Permanent painless hair removal” the banners screamed. One site after another touted their product as the solution, and at a bargain price. I was skeptical but equally desperate. I entered my credit card information and had salvation on the way.

The lotion guaranteed to painlessly permanently remove hair and answer my prayers was a bust. It didn’t work at all. In fact about all it made me do was smell like a wilting potted plant. After following the three month treatment course for five months just to be sure I gave up but stumbled in kalo. This was another bust but thankfully this time I realized it after only three months. I went on to try nearly a dozen more lotions and tablets but none worked. I decided that as pricey as it may be electrolysis… READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/981185-testimonies-hair-removal-experiences


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