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Living transgendered

Posted by mandyf on October 23, 2008

Living transgendered can mean many things. As each person is an individual so too are their experiences. Transgender is an umbrella term which includes transsexuals, transvestites, and basically anyone that is gender questioning. For sake of ease I will focus primarily on what life is like for the run of the mill pre operative or non operative transsexual as exploring every variation would be too voluminous.

The biggest problem in living transgendered is being misunderstood. While society at large is becoming more knowledgeable of transgenderisim as well as more accepting there is still quite a bit of misunderstanding surrounding it. It is quite common for people to confuse sexual preference with gender identity. All too often people doing this assume the transgendered person is gay and just wants to be straight so they undergo a surgical procedure to attain that. They assume the person is perhaps mentally ill. Even worse they assume the person is both and sometimes a deviant as well.

With these general perceptions in place the trans person now has to go out and function in the real world as their chosen gender. I say has to because in order for them to qualify for reassignment surgery they must do this for a minimum of one year. Beyond that though it is simply the way they feel they have to live life in order to be true to them self. some are very fortunate to pass well from day one and draw little attention. For most however there is a period of awkwardness in the beginning. This awkwardness can bring on fear.

Fear and awkwardness is a dangerous combination for the trans person. Each knows the statistics concerning violence against the trans community all too well. Simple things such as deciding what restroom to use can bring on bouts of panic as not all states allow for use of facilities based on gender presentation. Many live with the discomfort of knowing that at any moment someone may “Clock” (Spot them as a transsexual) and publicly out them. Stares and whispered references can cut like a knife.

One would think this wouldn’t be too bad at….READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/948389-living-transgendered


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