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The debate on transvestite Bathrooms

Posted by mandyf on October 22, 2008

There are some people among us that identify as being transgendered. Under this umbrella term falls transvestites, drag kings/queens, transsexuals, and the genderqueer. While each is different in their needs and identity one thing is common amongst all: The need to use the restroom. While this would seem to be a simple enough thing to do, when in public this can present a tremendous dilemma.

In most industrialized nations this is not considered an issue. The solution is you use the facilities of the gender you present. It is just that simple. In Brazil restrooms have been proposed specifically for the transgender community because not all people are comfortable with transpeople using gender specific lavatories. In the United States the issue is quite a mess to say the least.

Suppose a person is a preoperative male to female transgirl (I will use this as my standard since it is what I have most intimate knowledge of) is at the mall and has to use the bathroom. In my home state this isn’t a problem, you go to whatever restroom makes sense for you. Generally speaking in this example the ladies restroom. It matters not what designation your identification holds, simply what you present as your public image. Many states and even more cities including New York have made this standard the law to help further protect the rights of the trans community. In the majority of the U.S. however using a restroom different from what is listed on a persons identification is illegal although it is very rare this is prosecuted anymore.

Why is this such an issue? In part it is homophobia coupled with a significant fear of the unknown. Far too many people simply do not understand what transgenderisim is except in the broadest of terms  READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/117052-the-debate-on-transvestite-bathrooms


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