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Blue laws: Relics of a bygone era

Posted by mandyf on October 22, 2008

Technically speaking blue laws were enacted to restrict the sale of goods or services on Sunday. This was done to pay respect to the Christian sabbath. Many of these laws are things we view today as unconstitutional, inconvenient, or in many cases just plain nuts. However they are laws which still remain on the books and are thereby enforceable even if nobody takes them seriously. What follows are some of the more bizzare laws still hanging around that are just kinda fun to laugh at. By the time you finish this I’ll bet you will have asked yourself “what were they thinking?” at least once.

In 2005 Boston Attorney General Thomas Reilly warned grocery stores not to open for business on Thanksgiving day as it violated The common day of rest law which was nearly 400 years old which nobody could remember having ever been enforced in their lifetime. Businesses opened, Reilly’s bluff was called and no action was taken. Also sports fans beware, it is illegal to heckle a player on the field if you are over sixteen years old. Also you cannot serve someone alcohol in your tavern for more than a half hour, at an unreasonable hour, after nine at night, and under no circumstances could you allow them to get drunk.

Rhode Island has some very peculiar offerings also. You may not bite off a mans leg. Why just the leg? When winter rolls around don’t get caught impersonating a corder of wood. I didn’t know this was a problem, but who knows what those wacky teenagers will do next? Any marriage in which either partner is a lunatic or idiot is null and void! Being an……. READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/1131005-blue-laws-relics-of-a-bygone-era


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