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Can Obama really be POTUS?

Posted by mandyf on October 14, 2008

 Everyday now we hear more, see more, and read more concerning Barack Obama. Let’s be honest in admitting a lot of it is negative and it isn’t all coming from Republican mudslingers, much of it is coming from disenfrachised democrats and people that are just plain pissed off at the audacity of Obama to play the games he is, the DNC for backing him up, and to some degree HRC for playing along.  We’re not going to talk so much here about whether or not Barack has the brains to be POTUS, he does. He has the charisma. Does he have the legal right though?  Let’s take a look.

 Obama’s paternal grandmother has stated time and again, not just now, but her entire life how proud she was the day she saw her grandson Barack born in the hospital. It’s a beautiful story, all parents and grandparnts revel in that moment in which a new life takes up residence on the planet. The problem is she says that birth occured in Kenya.  What the claim was is that Obmam’s mother wanted to leave Kenya because she did not like the way Muslim men treated women in Kenya at that time. Her husband’s family likewise didn’t care much for her either. When she attempted to leave the airline would not allow her to fly because she was too near term and therefore would not allow her passage until AFTER the birth of her baby, Barack Hussein Obama. That is the story his relatives in Kenya relate.

 It is stated she left after his birth for Hawaii and his birth was REGISTERED, read again, REGISTERED, on or about August 8, 1961. Even if we are to say Obama was born in Hawaii, what hospital was it? In one statement it was the Kapiolani Hospital, others say it was Queens Hospital. Obviously unless he is the miracle he touts himself as he was not born in two hospitals. Now Obama did release a birth certificate via his website which factcheck.org has decided is true and valid. This would all be good except factcheck.org is owned by Annenberg of Chicago. Guess what man running for POTUS sat on the Anneberg Board of Directors for several years? If you guessed Barrack Obama you guessed right.

Might that not be considered a bit incestuous? If nothing else it raises some serious questions. No big deal, let’s move on to another problem that is less complicated.

 After Obama’s mother divorced she as we know re-married to Lolo Soetero in the U.S.  In Obama’s own book he says his stepfather returned to Indonesia after the marriage, he and his mother accompanied him soon after and he immediately went to school. Again this would be no big deal with one glaring problem, Indonesia at that time was at war. As such the only people allowed to go to school there at that time were Indonesian CITIZENS. In order for Barack to go to school his father had two ways to make that happen, he could adopt him or acknowledge him. Either way Obama at that time becomes a citizen of Indonesia.

 School records show he entered school as Barry Soetero, his Nationality as Indonesian, and his faith was listed as Islam.  At that time Indonesia did not, I repeat, did not provide for nor allow dual citizenships with ANY nation on earth. This would point to the only possibility being that Obama was now a full Indonesian citizen.  Due to the legal standards of that time the only way Obama could regain legal U.S. citizenship after leaving Indonesia for Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents was for him to do so through immigration. No immigration papers can be found for him as Barack Obama or Barry Soetero. How did hed do it? That’s the million dollar question.

Why this is significant is twofold. One for him to become an Indonesian citizen, as a minor, his parents would have had to renounce for him his American citizenship. This leads to point two, even if he did go through immigration to re-enter the U.S. after that action had been taken, regardless of where he was born, he would now be a naturalized citizen and therefore unable to run for much less hold the office of POTUS.

It’s been over a month since suit was filed against Obama to produce birth records in court. He has not complied and has rather set up one objection after another to avoid these documents becoming public. Why? Ask yourself why.  Why won’t he release his medical records? Why is he refusing to release his college records? Why are these all being so tightly held? For a man that claims he has nothing to hide, he has a lot of secrets.  One reason he may be hiding these is documents of those nature often contain information regarding citizenship.

Here’s the thing, whether any of this proves to be true or false we may never know. The one thing for sure is we have never had a candidate who protected their history so much as Obama is. The documents he refuses to produce are very basic. A birth certificate is something we all produce for jobs. Imagine applying for a job and refusing to produce a birth certificate to your potential employer? What do you think your odds of landing that job are? No matter how qualified you seem on paper it reeks of something being wrong, something you are trying to hide.

Obama running for POTUS is no different. We are the voters therefore the potential employers. Why is he refusing to show us a document to verify who he is? A real paper document to be verified in court by experts, not a scan of a birth ceritifcate on a website. Heck, most pre-teens could make a document that would look convincing under those conditions these days.

I’m not telling you what to think or how to vote. I simply request you take some time to figure out who it is that you may be voting for. Ask questions, real questions that get to the root of the man. If you don’t get answers, ask why? Then ask more. If you still don’t get answers that should tell you something. DOn’t just vote, vote informed.


 As you can imagine there are plenty of people that shriek at the fact anyone, much less little ol’ me question Barack Obama. The nerve they say! Actually some enjoy saying worse but who cares? Some agree we need to dig more and that’s fine too. Why not question McCain’s birth they scream? Well quite frankly it is night and day. McCain was born in the PCZ afterall. True, he was, no argument. He was also born to a family with an active duty parent assigned to that zone and the law at about his first birthday was changed to reflect that children born under such circumstances were citizens and that grandfathered in McCain. McCain never hid this from anyone. When asked he produced documents right away. Obama has not. That is why Obama needs to be questioned on this still.

 Regarding the legitamacy of the “certification of live birth” from Hawaii, Janice Okubo a Senior official in the Hawaii Department of Health is the one questioning it’s authenticity. She should have a pretty good grip on what their documents do and do not look like. In reference to the certificate she herself stated: “I don’t know that it’s possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents.” She then confirmed the image being circulated by the Obama campaign as his birth certificate lacks the proper embossed seal and signature to be valid. She further said that there is no such thing in Hawaii as electronic only certification for such documents and that it would have to be printed, mailed, and yes folded which the document being purported as his live birth certification is not.  http://web.israelinsider.com/Articles/Politics/12944.htm

As for what hospital  in Hawaii he was born in, if either, his own sister in two separate interviews states that he was born at two differet hospitals Kapiolani Hospital and Queens Hospital in Honolulu. “There are records of “registry of birth” for Obama, on or about Aug. 8th, 1961 in Hawaii yet on two different occasions Obama’s sister, Maya Soetoro told reporters he was born on Aug. 4th, 1961 at two different hospitals in Hawaii. ” http://www.t-g.com/blogs/1199/entry/21324/ http://www.newswithviews.com/Ryter/jon252.htm

As for needing to be an Indonesian citizen to attend school, yep that’s true and yes it’s true they did not allow for dual citizenshps at that time either. “In Indonesia Obama was adopted by Mr. Soetoro and was made an Indonesian citizen. His mother also became an Indonesian citizen. For Obama this was required as he had to be a citizen to go to school. At the time, 1967, American law required one to disavow their American citizenship if they became the citizen of another country, ergo he and his mother renounced their American citizenship. After a few years, Obama returned to Hawaii to live with his maternal grandparents. The law required him, at age 18 (the age of majority at the time), to apply to have his citizenship restored. He did not and has not are the allegations and he will not furnish document proving otherwise. If he in fact did not, he is not a US citizen and cannot serve in the Senate or as President. ” http://www.t-g.com/blogs/1199/entry/21324/ 

“(Citizenship of Republic of Indonesia, Law No. 9 of 1992 dated 31 Mar. 1992, Indonesia Civil Code): “…State children of Indonesia include: (viii) children who are born outside of legal marriage from foreign State citizen mother who are acknowledged by father who is Indonesian State citizen as his children and that acknowledgment is made prior to children reaching 18 years of age or prior to marriage; Republic of Indonesia Constitution, 1945.” Furthermore, under Indonesian law, if a resident Indonesian citizen married a foreigner—in this case, Lolo Soetoro marrying Stanley Ann Obama—she was required to renounce her US citizenship.” http://www.newswithviews.com/Ryter/jon252.htm

Refer to the Indonesian Constitution Article 31 for starters and then move on to the later ammendments. They clearly state public education is avaialable for INDONESIAN CITIZENS. It does not say foreigners living in Indonesia. As Obama stated in his own book they didn’t have the money to send him to a private  school until he went to public school the first two years he was there.  Furthermore due to Political unrest at the time the Indonesian Constitution was at least temporarily suspended. There was the threat of a communist coup which eventually put Suharto in power which led to an authoritarian regime which was nationalist faith based. Suharto overthrew Sukarno who began the “indigenation” process of education which at that time required Indonesian citizenship for public education.  http://liberal-education.blogtownhall.com/2008/10/14/obamacrimescom_videocan_obama_run.thtml

Incidentally Indonesia did not allow for dual citizenship of children born of mixed Indonesian or foreign parentage until 2006.  http://www.indonesiamatters.com/830/dual-nationality/ 

Why stop there though?  According to Illinois state filings when Obama registered as an attorney in 1991,  he stated he did not have any former names. We know that’s not true.  He is sometimes Barack Hussein Obama, and at other times he has been Barry Soetoro, Barry Obama, Barack Dunham, and of course Barry Dunham. That is something that can’t even be refuted. Therefore it is plain to see at the least he falsified a government document.

See there’s a bunch of stuff to question and there’s plenty of legal reasons why. The question is why won’t he answer them? Why doesn’t he do the same simple thing McCain did when questioned about his birth in the PCZ and just furnish the documents to the court for review? If he did that there wouldn’t be people questioning him would there? It’s very simple, the more you stonewall the more it looks like you have something to hide. The more it looks like you have something to hide the more people dig. Accept everything on blind faith if you choose to, that’s each person’s perogative. I’d rather question and know for sure.


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  1. This is a great analysis.

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