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Understanding crossdressing, transsexuality and shemales

Posted by mandyf on October 13, 2008

With all due respect and the intention of educating with this piecee, transvestities, “Shemales” (As they are being referred to in this thread) and transsexuals are all completely different types of people. As a transsexual person and gender counselor I can assure you of that. There are some cosmetic similarities, however the underlying issues are quite different and the remedies for those issues are as well.

A Transvestite or crossdresser as some prefer is a fethist. They do not wish to actually physically become the oppossite gender in whole or part. They do what they do because it is sexually gratifying to them. It is a paraphilia and the treatment for such is the temporary assumption of the opposite gender by dressing in said genders clothes. For some this is to simply relieve stress, for others it is a part of their intimate ritual, a means of allowing themself to become more sexually gratified. These people aren’t mentally ill they are simply different. They also should not be confused with drag queens or kings that crossdress for performances or the purpose of making money. These people are monetarily motivated to crossdress, rather than sexually driven.

Shemales are persons that would be more properly identified as transgendered. These are men that find solace in both genders READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/728247-understanding-crossdressing-transsexuality-and-shemales


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