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Differences between a fetish lover, a cross-dresser and a transvestite

Posted by mandyf on October 13, 2008

Technically speaking there really is no difference between a transvestite and crossdresser, and only a minimal difference in reference to these people being called a fetis lover. It can seem like there is a world of difference in all this but the reality is this is nothing more than a subset of fethisitic behavior. I will explain how all this weaves together and you will soon know the how and why as to this segment of culture.

A crossdresser is a person that wears the clothes of the opposite gender on a temporary basis because it provides a level of sexual arousal, or as a part of their initmate ritual. A crossdresser may be a man or woman assuming the opposite gender role although it is most common in men. A transvestite is the same exact thing with the only difference being that the term transvestite is a kinder gentler way of describing a crossdresser. Transvesitites (I will solely use this term from here forward for ease) are considered a part of the transgender community. The transgender community is made up of transsexuals, transvestites, and drag queens and kings.

How this confuses many people is that they assume each branch of the transgender community is the same. Transsexuals fully embrace the sex opposite that which they were physically born and live as such on a full time basis regardless of whether they ever have reassignment surgery. There motivation is based on self identity and not sexual gratification. Drag queens READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/1116277-differences-between-a-fetish-lover-a-cross-dresser-and-a-transvestite


2 Responses to “Differences between a fetish lover, a cross-dresser and a transvestite”

  1. I’ve always believed that a mtf transvestite dresses for a sexual thrill, while that’s not why a crossdresser does it. I also think, as a transsexual, that crossdressers, transvestites and transsexuals all fit under the umbrella term “transgender.” Many transsexuals do not even believe in transgenderism and think that mtf crossdresser, transvestites and transgenders are all just confused. That’s not my opinion, but one shared by many, including many males and females who don’t crossdress and think we’re all a bunch of freaks.

  2. There are certainly ranges…everything from the HPW(hairy panty wearer) to the demure, elengant ‘lady’. I, though, shun labels…I am just me.:)

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