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The history of Russian mail order brides

Posted by mandyf on October 12, 2008

We’ve all read articles, seen the websites, television shows, and maybe in some cases have known someone that would be considered a Russian mail order bride. For the most part the stigmas attached to the men and women that use services such as this to locate a partner are voluminous and negative, not like in the old days when this was very common. In fact we often view this as a fairly new phenomena when the reality is Russian women have filled the role of what we consider a mail order bride for centuries. What follows is a brief overview of these women and how the nature of their role in this situation has evolved.

Generally speaking, but certainly not in all cases, Russian mail order brides go to America these days. The trend first began dating as far back as the times men first settled in America. Men far outnumbered women back in those early days of America and the men often found them self lonely desiring the companionship of a woman on a more stable basis than by the hour. They wanted a family. With few options, they would write to Europe, in many cases Russia, looking for a marriage arrangement. The way this generally worked is they contacted someone that knew someone that would put the two in contact. A few letters may or may not have been exchanged and the man would pay the way to America for his bride to be. It is important to remember that in that era arranged marriages were quite common. Thus in a sense the first “mail order brides” came into exisistence.  READ THE REST HERE: http://www.helium.com/items/1172403-the-history-of-russian-mail-order-brides


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