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Violence in Jakarta continues

Posted by mandyf on October 3, 2008

For about eight weeks now the Jakarta police department has been doing some serious profiling rounding up gay men in particular after the arrest and confession of a gay man that admitted to ten murders.

“So it has became a national issue and the police department and some radical Islamic groups have been sweeping some gay areas in Jakarta. The police have already detained some gay persons in Central Jakarta.” –From: International News, Green Left Weekly issue #763 20 August 2008.
 Erlangga Masiana, a criminolgist from the University of Indonesia has gone on record stating “that homosexuals commit sadistic killings should not surprise anybody if you know their world. People with deviant sexual behavior are used to be close to criminal world. They are used to make threats and to use force if someone who is invited to intimacy refuses the offer. With such habits they can commit more serious crimes, of course.”

Well known psychologist Dadang Hawari also stated that “homosexuals have stronger feelings of jealousy and they can act quite violently when their wishes are not granted. Gays/homosexuals have a deviant sexual behavior and their aggressiveness is therefore beyond normal.”

Behind irresponsible and false comments such as these homophobia and anti gay violence has risen and is continuing to escalate as many LGBTQI people are now admitting fear for not just their personal saftey but their ability to hold their jobs and housing. In Senen police chief A.K.P Kasomo has been personally leading raids on homes of gay people and detaining them. Metropolitan police chief Irjen Adang has stated they will continue to conduct raids on known gay hangouts. Fery Alfansyah of Hisbullah has stated that “If they are left free, they will ultimately infect the larger population.”

This needs to be exposed, we need to spread the word about this! The police are carrying out actions contrary to the 2005 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Then they are turning a blind eye to the violence being carried out against LGBTQI persons by some fundementalist Islamic groups. Just to top it off this is not just being condoned but encouraged by their political masters. We cannot turn a blind eye to this. We cannot simply say it doesn’t concern us, at one time for some eld enough it was us. One day it could be us if we allow it to continue.

Just my twenty five cents….


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