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The 2008 Mets: Anatomy of a collapse

Posted by mandyf on September 29, 2008

 How great it would be for Met’s fans this year if games were only six innings long! They would have walked away with the division by about a dozen games. Extend it out to seven innings, they win by about seven, and even at eight innings they just eke by with a 1 1/2 game lead. Unfortunately that’s no the way baseball works. What went wrong?

 In part you can point to a roster of aging veterans and young underachievers.  Jerry Manuel, well how brilliant does he look now sports fans?  You can point to what although statsitically fine thanks to a good start, is in reality the worst bullpen in baseball. Sure people argue that endlessly but to truly appreciate how terrible they are you had to watch them on a regular basis.  Put it all together and you get ANOTHER collapse that leaves fans wondering why they bother to pay the price of admission. Granted Johan Santana was a bright spot, he did much better than his record shows, but aside from female fans and 40 year old guys with a man crush on David Wright this team had no redeeming value.

 let’s start at the top, the ownership blows. I would have liked to put that in kinder terms but Omar Minaya is a joke. Show him an aging Latin American star that can barely drag his weight off the bench much less onto the field and there’s a multi-year contract the guy didn’t deserve in his prime waiting for him with Omar’s Mets. Then you have to look at the actual ownership that lets this idiot sign these guys! They cut the checks every month and seemingly don’t care the money could be better spent on jock itch ointment. Being real for a second, trading half the roster for a cup of gatorade with the gatorade to be delivered later would be a good deal.

 Next we look at the actual team, not real pretty, Carlos Delgado hits on occassion but couldn’t field a question from the press any better than a groundball to his right. David Wright was nice, but that contract seems to be making him feel cozy. Isn’t it odd how guys playing for contracts put up big numbers and  fade once they get the money? Johan was a prize, the rest of the staff was as well, just that they were a boobie prize. Jose Reyes had above average stats but his defense is joke, his sonombulent approach to the game is pathetic, and he’s about as useful in the clubhouse as a hydraulic car jack.  His incredibly taented which is sad only because he’s incredibly lazy.

 The even sadder thing is he’s a prize when compared to flop artist and resident blowhard Billy Wagner. This guy is about as helpful as throwing gas on a grease fire. He has no problem ragging his teammates. He has no problem telling fans to shut up. He has no problem cashing a check financed by those fans he disrespects for a job he hasn’t done properly in nearly three years. To say he’s been a miserable failure would be to elevate him.

 Jerry Manuel certainly is no answer. Sure the players like him because he puckers up to their rears and let’s them play the game as if they were in a coma, that is assuming they aren’t too busy playing Halo in the clubhouse. They hated Randolph, especially Wagner and Reyes because Randolph expected these spoiled brats to go out and actually earn their check. What a novel concept? Act professionally, play hard, God forbid they did that and actually won the division or even backslid into the wildcard.

Manuel came in when guys were getting healthy and hot against weak opponents. He had nothing to do with them winning, he used the same lineup Randolph did but he had plenty to do with them losing. It’s no secret he misused Santana regularly pulling him with less than 100 pitches after the sixth which led to enough blown leads to cost the division. Notice Jerry was quick to take credit for the turnaround but found ways to diplomatically lay blame elsewhere for the collapse.  This is the Met’s so we know he’ll be back. That is until they struggle and Minaya has him fired after a late west coast game with no warning just so he can continue to be a coward and hide himself from having t address the press.

 In 2009 you can expect a new stadium but the same tired Met’s you’ve grown to know and for some God unknown reason love. Maybe they can get an ace like Kazmir to use as trade bait for an aging marginal starter next year. Wait…been thre done that.


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