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Obama- How much do we believe?

Posted by mandyf on September 27, 2008

 Barack Obama is for the most part like any other politician in modern times, some of what comes out of his mouth is true, some is partially true from the standpoint of semantics, and some is just flat out false. That gray area is the region in which we can’t say the words coming out of his mouth are  a lie only because we can’t prove intent.

 Take for example the first debate between Obama and McCain. What Obama said about Kissinger’s statements concerning meeting world leaders from rogue nations that are certainly not friends of the U.S. was true in part. Kissinger did say there should be meetings, however he never said those meetings should be conducted by the president of the U.S. but rather the Sevretary of State. That is a big Difference. Kissinger also did not say we should be meeting with Iran which was the specific nation in question without preconditions. Let’s be honest and logical for a second; Iran is advocating the mass destruction of Israel and we are to believe Kissinger, one of Israels staunchest supporters historically want’s to met with Iran to discuss a change of course in that thought process?

 Obama said  that  he would make sure that the health care system “allows everyone to have basic coverage.”  Not true. In fact that isn’t close to true. Obama has supported one of the most flagrantly overpriced hospitals in the nation that carries a 350% premium on treatment for uninsured patients, incidentally that hospital named his wife to it’s board of directors within two months of his election, doubled her salary, and thre over $100,000.00 into his campaign coffers.

 Obama does have a health plan, but it is in all honesty the worst of the plans proposed when compared to that of Hillary Clinton and McCain. Even Hillary shredded the Big O’s health plan to bits. Essentially his “coverage for all” plan is a coverage for kids plan. Adults rich or poor can fend for them self under his plan. If you are an adult and can’t afford health insurance now, it will be even harder under Obama’s plan.

 He attacks the fact that McCains plan will  cost about $3.3 trillion dollars over ten years. What he doesn’t tell you is his plan will cost $3.6 trillion over the same time period and insure 15 million FEWER people. He also doesn’t tell you that while McCain will be adding employer subsidized health care to the taxable base, that comes with a $2,500 deduction for singles, $5,000 for couples/families, and that far outweighs the increase in a health insurance tax for a minumum of 18 years. When the cost of living does even out guess what, it will be the richest Americans feeling the hit, not the lower middle class. As a byproduct, under McCain’s Plan everyone has medical coverage.

 In regards to energy, forget what people are or are not saying and look at their history. McCain makes no bones about the fact we need oil short and long term. he is not afraid to open up ANWR, Hakken, or go offshore. he has voted this platform for decades. Obama has done nothing in concerns to energy. Zero. In fact even Sarah palin has done major work concerning energy by a factor of almost infinity over Obama.

 When Obama ran for Senate in Illinois he said the state would put people out of jobs to work in the green energy fields and shake the state’s dependance on petro fuel. People were going to be trained to build windmills to raise wind farms and manufacture and install solar energy panels. Sounds good to be sure, but it never happened. In fact he never proposed a single measure during his term in Senate to even just explore the possibility. As such Illinois is still one of the largest consumners in the nation of petro fuels and coal, people waiting on those promised green enregy jobs are still waiting.  Actually the Big O never brought fuel up a single time until he was forced to during his presidential campaign.

 Here’s the thing folks, when you look at who you are going to vote for, don’t look at what they say, look at the accomplishments and figure out which one is really qualified for the job. McCain is known commodity, we’ve seen him in action and know that he is about as bipartisan during his career as anyone in any federal office today. Obama, we can’t really gauge, not to be cruel but he’s never done anything in office. He’s never tried. He began running for president almost two years into his term and as such he has no body of work to examine, only a lack of work to consider.

 I voted for obama when we Lived in Illinois, he was an engaging energetic speaker that had the ability to instill that warm fuzzy feeling. The problem is that warm fuzzy fades fast without doing something tangible to maintain it. I look at McCain and find that while he’s still the most qualified I really don’t like him, but what I remind myself is it really isn’t about what I personally do or do not like, but rather who is or isn’t right for the job.

 I tend to believe all politicians are 78% water, 22% crap. It varies in some cases, in this I think the crap percentage in Obama is slightly higher than in McCain. I don’t actually beleive either candidate. I don’t think either one is really going to fix the large looming problems we’re currently dealing with. What I do believe is McCain is going to screw the important things up less than Obama. it’s sad to have to break down a decision so big as this in that manner but that is life in the modern world.


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