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Gina Carano Reluctantly Famous?

Posted by mandyf on September 25, 2008

Not everyone knows Gina Carano as the face of MMA women’s fighting, I certainly didn’t.  I’ve seen her on American Gladiator although I hate to admit I’ve watched that actually. I’ve seen her maxim magazine which I don’t mind admitting as much. I’ve seen her face pinned to more advertising than you can shake a stick at which is just unavoidable.

Let’s face facts, Gina is a gorgeous woman! She is a finely tuned athlete that can just flat out tear the competition apart while flashing a made for million dollar endorsements smile. Heck she’s even articulate, and not just for an athlete, she’s actually got some brains. What those brains are up to lately who knows?

Gina has commented that she does not want to be the face of women’s MMA fighting. She doesn’t want to be famous. She just wants to be left alone so she can be fighter. Okay fine, we all want things, but we take steps and make choices for those wants to manifest, we don’t do what Gina has done. In fact we do the exact opposite.

I believe that Gina’s little “I don’t want to be famous” tirade is really a well crafted plan to become even bigger. Let’s take a look at her modus operandi. She establishes herself as a top MMA draw based on skill and beauty. It is a hard package to top. Look what it did for Anna Kournikova. She regularly invites the press, people that make a living putting people in the spotlight, to her workouts in the gym. She parlays that into a job on American Gladiator that gives her even more expossure. That exposure leads to more and bigger endorsement deals. That lands her a layout in maxim which is as close to softcore porn as can be sold without requiring being 18 to purchase it. She knew this path was ahead of her, in fact I believe she and her handlers through the MMA and her in house advisors laid this out from day one.

Now let’s take a closer look at Gina. She has an upcoming fight that needs to hit. She failed to make weight for her last bout and that has dropped her a little lower on everyone’s collective radar. If she really wanted to fade into the background this was the time to do it. It is one thing to intimate to friends that celebrity isn’t all you thought it would be, it is quite another thing to go to the press with the sentiment you don’t want to be famous. As we know Gina and the pilots steering her career aren’t stupid people the only conclusion we can as logical people draw is that she is using this to land back in the press.

Here she is the day the statement was made getting front page coverage on sports and human interest blogs everywhere. She was mentioned on ESPN and who knows how many other television and radio sports shows. She has been blogged about by hundreds, maybe thousands of people just like am I now. Gina if your wish really was to fade into to the background you really blew it. If your real desire was more exposure, I’m happy to oblige. Just don’t play your fans for fools, you can get away with it once, maybe even twice, but keep pushing the envelope and you will be as popular as yesterdays kitty litter.

Just consider this strike one.


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