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Personhood – If abortion is murder, so too is male masturbation

Posted by Amanda on February 20, 2014


So if we want to be fair and equal, no masturbation for men. Every time they masturbate, they are abandoning potential children. The sperm become non-viable and die. Male masturbation is murder! Let’s start legislating that. Let’s start saying that since men are half of fertilizing an egg, why aren’t they charged with child endangerment when they drink alcohol? Or smoke pot? Or wear underwear that is too tight or do ANYTHING that can decrease their sperm count or potentially make them non-viable or damaged? And if they want to do all those things —- snip snip bitch! Get snipped and do whatever you want. 

Personhood – If abortion is murder, so too is male masturbation.

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Exceptional Is All Around Us

Posted by Amanda on September 30, 2013

Exceptional is all around is! It is people we meet online sometimes. It’s people we grew up with. Sometimes it’s a family member and it should be each and every single one of us! It can be each and every one of us.Doing the right thing, whether it seems big or small, whether anyone is watching or not, whether credit is attributed or not is always a BIG thing and always the RIGHT thing. Sometimes it isn’t easy. Sometimes it isn’t popular. Regardless, it always makes a difference in the grand scheme of things, sometimes far greater than we may ever know.Be exceptional today and everyday!

via Exceptional Is All Around Us.

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Religion vs. common sense

Posted by Amanda on September 11, 2013

Religion vs. common sense.



“I can I respect all religions. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want, but I think we all know what is right and what is wrong. An adult that has sex with a girl or a boy is wrong, and that is common sense.”

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Personhood: The Nightmare That Won’t End

Posted by Amanda on June 20, 2013

It is understood that this seems far fetched, but in a nation of equals, shouldn’t men and women be held to an equal standard regarding their reproductive systems? It isn’t very likely anyone would charge a woman with child abuse of her unfertilized ova even if they are considered people under the law. We point these scenarios out to demonstrate how poorly thought out and written much of this personhood legislation is. What is not far-fetched is the fact that women will suffer under personhood laws. Children that otherwise would not exist if their mother’s had control over their reproductive rights may suffer. Couples trying to get pregnant using IVF may find it more difficult and expensive. There is also the question of whether or not all fertile women have to be afforded all the legal rights of a pregnant woman in the workplace along with proper prenatal care by default. After all, that ova may turn into a person one day and no one would want to be held liable for failing to provide proper care.

via Personhood: The Nightmare That Won’t End.

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Guns and spandex: Just because you can buy some doesn’t mean you should.

Posted by Amanda on May 13, 2013

We are always going to live with violence. It sucks, but that’s reality. Arming more people won’t end violence, it will just beget more violence  Incidents with several victims could easily turn into incidents with a couple dozen victims. Maybe it is time to reassess the “right” to bear arms and consider, maybe just toss around, operating under the concept of the “privilege” to bear arms. If you want them, you can have them, but you have to earn it. Guns are a lot like spandex in that regard, just because you can buy some doesn’t mean you should.

via Guns and spandex: Just because you can buy some doesn’t mean you should..

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SubmitEdge Scam Followup

Posted by Amanda on May 7, 2013

After a recent post regarding the scams being tun by “SEO” Company”SubmitEdge”, we’ve had brief contact with someone claiming to be a part of SubmitEdge who tried to defend their business and practices as well as new information about what is happening behind the scenes at the business. Rather than having any fears put to rest or any actual useful information to clear the SubmitEdge name, it just gets worse. My recent interactions regarding them for this followup did nothing but paint a picture of a company in disarray that not only screws over clients, but their own employees past and present.

We recently learned that SubmitEdge is alleged to have outsourced the online and phone support based in the US to a call center in either India or Pakistan. That could not be confirmed however as Company head Honcho Richi Modi either doesn’t read his email or refuses to answer queries regarding the sweeping changes his business is undergoing. Outsourcing is the right of every business, however, SubmitEdge has their head so far up their ass, to this point they can’t do that right even.

SubmitEdge portrays that they have representatives located in the US, however we learned that for 6 years they had only one representative in the US who basically did nothing but handle complaints from dissatisfied customers. They claim a base of US operations in Texas, yet the address they use is a letter drop that no one picks up from and their representative that was in Texad has been some thousand miles away from there nearly twoe years.

Speaking of which, we gleaned from some posts regarding SubmitEdge circulating Facebook, that particular employee was released from the company afyer 6 years of service via a two line email with no severance or warning on a Monday afternoon. SubmitEdge did allegedly pay a one week severance eventually after being shamed into it according to the posts we saw.

A week later, however, we saw that they still expected their recently released former employee to shill for them and fix their customer service problems. SubmitEdge uses a rather antiquated IVR system, from what we could gather, which they left on. What that did was cause all calls to continue to go through to the home office phone number of their released employee and at the time of writing this, it is still happening. According to a Facebook post we saw on 5/5/13, said former employee submitted a bill to SubmitEdge for the inconvenience and their failure to re-route calls to their new call center – which according to what we found through several phone calls is not actually in use yet. So far, Rich Modi, his deputy Govinde, and all other employees refuse to acknowledge or pay the invoice.

According to the same post, when the former employee contacted Sid at SubmitEdge about the calls coming through, his answer to the problem was “If calls are coming in, then do not answer your phone.” Not that they would fix the problem or that they would honor the invoice or even any civility. After a few more calls testing their phone system and online chat services, we learned that they do not have a UK office either. It’s another mail drop and the calls that go there are calls rerouted from The number for the US which aren’t answered. Only 2 times in 10, did an actual person answer and when they did, their representative, once again Sid, could not answer any questions about their service packages correctly and simply kept referring me to their website while reminding me to only speak to him on live chat so he could get his commission. To say he lacked knowledge and was pushy is an understatement.

When the calls were not answered, they went to a voicemail and none of those calls have been returned yet. Through further investigation, we also learned that a number of Euro based banks are refusing to honor or placing a hold on all payments through them to SubmitEdge based on the irregularly high amount of charge-backs lodged against them for failure to provide services or substandard services. In the US, we cannot conform the same, but found plenty of complaints from former customers and non-customers as well concerning compromised banking data and stolen credit cards (including a US Gov. credit card) being used to purchase services without confirming identity of the person placing the order.

As far as contact we did have with SubmitEdge directly related to our last post, we received a comment from  a person named “Jim” from a rand new WordPress account that had no activity but the comment on this blog stating that SubmitEdge was a most honorable company with goodly intentions and the best customer satisfaction and services in the SEO industry, When I asked if the actual author was Sid or Danny, two known SubmitEdge employees, sent by Richi Modi or Govinde, the comment and account disappeared.

But it comes back to the question – is SubmitEdge a scam? Definitely yes and no. No so far as some people do get some services and if all you want is poorly written content submitted to their own directories with tons of backlinks from their own blogs and a few bookmarking sites, they are not a scam. They are a scam, however, so far as they completely misrepresent their abilities, locations, employees, timetables for delivery, where you get links from, human vs automated submission, quality of work, durability of links, customer satisfaction, never having customers penalized or sandboxed or genuine reviews as they paid for those they have. They also outsourced all their onsite blog writing until recently and use that as an example of the quality level of writing they have while actually delivering content from ESL writers.

But hey, Google SumitEdge on it’s own and you’ll see scam reports everywhere. Buyer be warned.

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Submitedge Scam – You aren’t getting what you think you are

Posted by Amanda on April 29, 2013

Submitedge is a company out of Mumbai, India, headed by Richi Modi which bills itself as being pros in SEO, reputation management social networking, – basically anything they can charge for they will tell you they can do regardless if they know what you’re asking for or not. They seem to make a decent amount of money and do pretty well. The question is, really, are they any good? I’ve been acquainted with Submitedge for some time – I’ve watched how they operate and push down anything that is negative about them – as they will do with this post undoubtedly. If you want to know what is going on… here’s some real info.

Submitedge is not in the US or the UK or anywhere but Mumbai. They have someone that answers a phone in the US so people can talk to someone that speaks English, but that person can’t really help you because they ignore her. Same as they did with convention reps that they expected to pay for everything out of pocket and then stretched out for weeks or months to reimburse – thousands of dollars. Steve, Sid and all the other people you get a hold of at Submitedge they tell you are in the US (or allow you to think they are at least unless questioned) are all in India.

Got a complaint? Need a refund? Forget it. You will be made to wait for a few months usually after jumping through hoops they make up as they go along. Their services? Antiquated. They stuff they are peddling is the same as when they started and it works no better now than it did then. They repackage and rename it all as need be, but in the end, you’re just getting directory submissions of poorly written blogs linked to each other.

Speaking of blogs, the blogs you’ll get are a bunch of crap. They are written by people with a marginal grasp of English and spun over and over and then linked to each other over and over. This is stuff that is so bad, you can’t afford to have your name on it. A lot of it is nonsensical filler with keywords.

But why take my word alone for it?

“As far as the quality of the blogs..let me check..pretty bad and badly spun articles.”  – Found on seomoz

“I have purchased their GOLD package for US$ 799, I have wired the amount into their bank account. Yet they claimed to have never received the money. Well, who do you think should I believe, AAA+ rated European Bank or a small indian “SEO company”? :) S**t happens.”  Not good for submitedge

And here is someone that used Submitedge that wound up with a Google penalty over their work – something they claim has never, ever, happened on their site. “Their article submission link building service caused my blog to be penalized by Google. See blog post –http://www.freemindsfreelines.com/2013/02/article-submission-link-building-fail.html .

Also, did you know Submitedge regularly provided discounts for good reviews on a regular basis? That was a regular thing until they were dinged it.

Did you know Submitedge will generally ignore your refund requests unless you publicly shame them, so always have a plan ready to blog about them (And rank) so that they have to deal with you. Usually, they offer a refund if you remove the post(s) or any actual evidence they screwed you. Otherwise, be prepared to wait.

Another customer said of submitedge “I am no longer wondering if I can save $400-700 on a questionable campaign through a cheap, hack service that sends reports with dead links in it(twice).”

Or maybe take this word of this person: “I have had a terrible experience with their services. Don’t use them if you want article work or any ‘google safe’ SEO work. I have had no reply but I have asked for a refund on my left over credit in my SubmitEdge account, as google has just penalized my site because I used their ‘SEO Friendly Slow Directory Submission Package’ and article directory submissions.”

” I am still waiting for any possible signs of … well… anything really, i bought the directory submission service and I have not had 1 hit yet to my website.. ?”

And one more example of submitedge service: “If you are considering outsourcing any link building, I would avoid these scammers. What they are doing in link building is nothing short of dangerous to your site. To make matters worse, when I said to them “okay keep the money, but remove those poisonous links” they refused to do it. I can’t stress enough they need to be avoided. Full details and examples of the links they built are here at my submitedge.com review.”

I don’t work for Submitedge nor have I ever. I don’t have any money hanging out there waiting to be refunded. I refuse to use them. Why post this then? Submitedge is a scam. Always has been. I’ve watched them and toyed with them enough to know this. Richi Modi and his right hand man Govind are more interested in getting you to part with your money than they are earning it. They are always going to instruct their people to tell you they are working on whatever your project is even if they aren’t. They will string you along as long as they possibly can to make getting refunds harder.

Not everyone at Submitedge is bad. There was a time they had some decent people working there. Most all are long gone now. I leave you with this thought:

Google Submitedge scam and you will see the first few results are their efforts to spin out articles to combat scam posts about them – more telling, they outsource them away from their company because their own writers can’t rank. Look at the positive reviews for them in forums written in broken English, usually under names like Rick or Ricky. if you can’t smell scam, and you don’t want to believe the dozens of people screaming scam, maybe you deserve to fall victim to a submitedge scam. maybe then you’ll learn.

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Rape Culture Says: “Don’t rape, but be a great athlete if you do because someone will get you off.”

Posted by Amanda on April 24, 2013

When it comes to rape, there can be no free passes. It doesn’t matter if the rapist is a hobo, an internationally known athlete or public figure of the highest stature.No always means no. Rape is always wrong. No one asks to be raped. No one has the right to minimize the crime and pressure victims into not reporting them.No one has the right to bully the victim.Yet those realities that should be well known and universally accepted are not adhered to. They are barely paid lip service far too often. We need to stop shaming victims and admonishing them for potentially ruining life opportunities for their attackers by reporting rapes and we need to start encouraging them to speak up and supporting them when they do.

via Rape Culture Says: “Don’t rape, but be a great athlete if you do because someone will get you off.”.

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Why I’m A Liberal Feminist: I Was Raised Catholic, Any Questions?

Posted by Amanda on April 20, 2013

I said, “Okay… I put the baby Jesus in my mouth and can’t chew on him or everyone goes to hell.” My father turned as red as I’d ever seen him, my mother began to weep, my grandfather was clutching his St. Patrick medallion and my grandmother was working the rosary with one hand and spritizing me with holy water with the other.

I was informed in no unclear terms that I was to never utter the any phrase which included “Put the baby Jesus in my mouth” ever again. After things settled down they began explaining transubstantiation to me and I remember thinking to myself “Does anyone really buy this?”


By Amanda Fox

Catholicism is what helped me form many of the views I have today. I was raised Catholic in a family that believed Vatican II reform was the work of the devil. To say we were ultra-conservative is an understatement. Most people that know me, loosely at least, think I hate Catholicism and religion in general – particularly since I declare my faith as Science. Hey, it’s what I believe in and that’s my choice. The fact is, I am thankful I grew up Catholic because it taught me so much and actually served as the basis of my becoming a pro-choice feminist liberal.

Where I am today and what I do and do not put my faith in has nothing to do with rebellion. It’s all about logic, and I say unapolegetically, witnessing rampant hypocrisy to a certain degree. This is my story.

I was baptized like…

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How to get rid of poison oak plants

Posted by Amanda on March 19, 2013

It’s understandable you would want to know how to get rid of poison oak plants when they invade your space, it’s a nasty little plant that can absolutely ruin your time outdoors. Poison oak is an allergen which secretes an oil called urushiol the same as poison ivy and sumac. Poison oak may appear in one of four forms, vines, bushes, creepers, or as individual plants. As soon as you spot it growing it is time to eradicate which takes some care and the proper equipment to minimize the odds you contact the urushiol oil and contract it’s well known itchy rash.

One of the most important things to remember when removing poison oak is to be prepared. Wear clothing which covers as much of your skin as possible, heavy gardening gloves are an absolute must. Just to be safe it is a good idea to buy Technu soap before you start. If you know your skin has come in contact with urushiol oil it takes about three minutes to an hour for it to bind with skin so you do have a chance to get it off your flesh. Technu soap is specifically designed to remove Toxicodendron oils and this is your best bet to avoid a breakout if you do come in contact with urushiol oil. Don’t bother trying to use gas, kerosene, or turpentine, these will do more harm than good.

Poison oak has a really strong root system so simply cutting away the portion you can see is not going to kill the plant, it’s just going to keep coming back time and again, and beware the root system has the oil as well so don’t handle it without gloves on. The least savory but only sure way to get rid of the plant is to dig it up and remove the root system. First you will want to cut the above ground portion of the plant away except for a small stub so it is easy to identify exactly where it is. Discard this is a thick plastic lawn and leaf bag. Next dig around the stub and then push deep and lift it from the ground with the shovel and toss it into the bag as well. Another method, although it is less preferred is to is to place a thick plastic bag over the plant and try to pull the plant out of the ground. More often than not I find I break the plant and have to dig it up anyway.

In case you have a poison oak vine climbing around a tree you need to use a different tactic. When they grow around trees their root system often weaves with the trees root system making it nearly impossible to remove in full. The best thing to do in this case is to remove the vine from the tree. I prefer snipping away sections to discard in my waste bag. Leave just a small section of a few leaves showing and liberally spray them with something like Roundup or Brush-B-Gone that is a non-selective herbicide. These will kill anything they come in contact with so as the leaves absorb this it will work down to the root system and eventually kill that as well. Multiple applications are sometimes needed so you should monitor the vines demise to determine when it needs another dose.

Some people who do not wish to use poisons to combat and kill poison oak maintain it can be killed with a saltwater and soap mixture (2 parts saltwater/1 part soap) but I have never tried this so I can’t say it would work. Still if you are totally against using poisonous herbicides it is worth a shot. Never dispose of poison oak clippings or root system in a compost pile as they will just reappear where you dumped them and never under any circumstances should you burn it. This can cause all sorts of respiratory problems.

Getting rid of poison oak isn’t a fun job, if possible it should be left to professional landscapers. If however you want to do it yourself follow the above steps as those are two ways to remove the plant/vine and root system. Please remember just removing what you see is not killing the plant and that you need to cover as much skin as possible when undertaking this task. Just to be extra safe keep Technu soap on hand and wash with it liberally as soon as you complete the job. It’s not a fun job, but if you are going to do it follow the above procedures and do it the safe correct way.

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